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One Author of Halo Story Bible Doubts UCLA Professor's Take on Her Inspiring Halo
Did you read the article on the UCLA professor who said she might be an inspiration for Bungie's Halo? Well one of the authors of the Halo Bible, Eric Trautmann, is a little unsure of her story's truthiness. (Thanks Cody Miller!) (MacGyver10 18:46:44 UTC) (permalink)


Morpheus Celebrates Halo's 15th Anniversary by Playing Through Halo 2's Gravemind
You might have already caught his video for Halo: CE, but Morpheus just popped in to let us know his 15th Anniversary Celebration of Halo video for Halo 2 is up! In it he plays through the level Gravemind (possibly his favorite in the Halo series) as he reflects on Halo 2 and how his parents 'stole the money' he was saving for Halo 2's release date. (MacGyver10 18:41:01 UTC) (permalink)


Halo Summer Celebration Last Week Announced New Backward Compatible Halo Games and 4k Support for Halo 5
So I picked a very poor time to go on vacation these past ten days, as Halo has seen some very cool info pop up in the last little bit. Specifically, the 'Halo Summer Celebration' happened last week where 343 announced a bunch of cool stuff with old Halo games becoming backward compatible this year, Halo Wars 2 DLC plans and Halo 5 getting special Xbox One X updates to make it 4k ready to name a few. You've probably read it all already, but I wanted to make sure we had something up at least acknowledging it. (Thanks gamerguy2002!) (MacGyver10 18:34:03 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

We love video game development so much, we've decided to "go dark" ourselves today.

Sunday's news in brief:

No news has been posted because some of us spend our time actually playing Halo.

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