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343 Industries Discusses Feedback for Matchmaking and How That Applies to Halo 5 and Halo 6
343 Industries has steadily increased the responsiveness to the general community since the days of the 'play early' debacle, and continue to do better and better in communication with the fans (love you, Grim and Sketch!). In that vein, ZaedynFel spent some time on the Waypoint forums discussing some feedback they've received on matchmaking recently. Really cool to see the things they're considering for Halo 5, and what they want to do in Halo 6 as well! (MacGyver10 22:10:57 UTC) (permalink)


Morpheus 'Montage Monday' Catches Up With Some Choice Offerings
Still catching up for his time off, Morpheus has released a number of new montages over the past few days that show off some impressive Halo skills. You can check out his 'Montage Mriday' for Secret Airgents, 'Montage Smaturday' for Unique and 'Montage Smunday' for The Ten Halo Commandments, a break from his normal montage bend. (MacGyver10 22:07:14 UTC) (permalink)


Halo Community Update - 02/09/17 'You Can Haz Recon!'
Info on Halo Wars 2 and the latest Halo 5 goodies kick off another Halo Community Update from this past week! Give it a read to see how used cars, Bloodfuel Locusts, arena updates and new helmets come together in Halo. Also, another great 343 Staff Spotlight (software developer, Simon Gordon) and community content flesh it out at the end! (MacGyver10 22:03:23 UTC) (permalink)


Halo Wars 2 Upcoming Web and App Features
In apparent lieu of one more Canon Fodder closer to the 100th, Grimbrother One spent some time with the Halo Waypoint team (shoutout to KP!) to see what's in store for Halo Wars 2 online and in the Halo app! (MacGyver10 22:00:42 UTC) (permalink)


Raycevick Spends Time Sharing His Thoughts on Each Individual Halo Game
A lot of people have put out retrospectives on various Halo games, but Raycevick has done a great job voicing his thoughts on each and every one. Nice to hear one person's thoughts on each individual Halo game so far! (Thanks cheapLEY!) (MacGyver10 20:16:34 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

The only news is that there's no news.

Saturday's news in brief:

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