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Halo 4 OST LE - for free
mastrbiggy is back to his giving mode - this time, he's got a Special Limited Edition copy of the Halo 4 Official Soundtrack (yeah, the one that includes the vinyl version). Want to get your hands on it? Just add yourself to the pool on this page - if he picks you, it's yours. What a guy! (Louis Wu 22:03:14 UTC) (permalink)


Silent Cartographer - in Minecraft
DominoEffect stumbled across a reconstruction of Silent Cartographer in Minecraft - unfortunately, the direct download (hosted on Dropbox) is currently unavailable due to excessive use (that's what happens when you do something really cool and post it on Reddit). The detail is astounding - explore. (Louis Wu 21:57:28 UTC) (permalink)


Ricochet - Really Fast
CyReN and crew jumped into the brand-new Ricochet gametype yesterday... and finished the match in just over a minute. My guess is, it'll get harder as people get better. They're looking to beat that record, though! Go watch. It's short. (Louis Wu 21:50:21 UTC) (permalink)


Chief's Game
Dogiojoe let us know about a mashup she created - mixing Halo and Ender's Game. Take a look! (Louis Wu 21:48:18 UTC) (permalink)


Apples to Apples... for bad people. (who like bungie.org)
MoltenSlowa stopped in with an update on the Bungie.org Against Humanity cards he and friends have been working on... looks like they're set for distribution at PAX next week! If you're not going to PAX, you can print your own... just follow the instructions in his post. (Download from our mirror, to save his dropbox.) This community is great. Disturbed... but great. (Louis Wu 21:43:12 UTC) (permalink)


Champions Bundle Achievement Guide
MixMaker1 put together a Halo 4 Champions Bundle achievement tip/guide video - check out some ways you can obtain the 10 new achievements. Camping without dying for 60 seconds is a genius achievement, GENIUS! (colindosaj 20:45:38 UTC) (permalink)


Tuesday's news in brief:

RvB Season 11, Episode 9
Bid on Some Halo Swag

Monday's news in brief:

Visualizing the Halo Universe: Round 15
Draw My Life - Master Chief
HALOcapped Episode 10
Halo 4 Champions Bundle Launch Trailer
Anoj's Top 10 Multikills Episode 37
Recreating Halo Characters in Halo 4
Drunken Halo: Episode 58 SPECIAL EDITION

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