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Halo: Second Class - Someday
It might be a little early for this... but HaloSecondClass stopped by with word of a new Halo Fan Film called (not surprisingly) Halo: Second Class. There are a few details about the film, and a link to a facebook page (with almost zero extra info) - which in turn has a link to a Twitter page with a LITTLE bit of extra info. I guess we'll wait and see! (Twitter account says that the 15 minute movie is 'set to come out in a few years'... so don't hold your breath.) (Louis Wu 23:16:41 UTC) (permalink)


Spartans Take Otakon
Ars Technica published a piece about Baltimore's Otakon 20th anniversary and provided a slideshow of all the incredible costume that were on show - some familiar faces made an appearance. Thanks, davidfuchs. (colindosaj 21:39:08 UTC) (permalink)


Who Needs a Portal?
t00lbox finally posted another trick tip video - this time he shows you how to get out of the Portal area on the mission 'Forerunner'. Neat! (colindosaj 21:28:45 UTC) (permalink)


Halo HORSE 139 - Caleb vs Martinizer
Nikko B201 also let us know that Halo HORSE 139 is up on AH.com and YouTube. Go watch! (colindosaj 21:25:23 UTC) (permalink)


Fails of the Weak 151
Jack and Gavin from Achievement Hunter are back with another episode of Fails of the Weak - I thought it was common sense to stay away from vehicles that are on fire. You can watch it on AH or YouTube. Thanks Nikko B201. (colindosaj 21:24:35 UTC) (permalink)


Saturday's news in brief:

Down Amongst the Dead Men

Friday's news in brief:

He must be in the front row!
HMV Hell 4 Trailer
YouTube at WAR!
Spartan Assault Codes Deciphered

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