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Halo Legends Abridged Open Casting
CbWilliams is getting ready to film the final episode of his Halo Legends Abridged video series - and he needs your help. Swing by his post for full details on how you can audition for one of the parts available! (Louis Wu 20:51:32 UTC) (permalink)


A case for reassessment
aPK has some thoughts about the most recent updates to the Halo 4 multiplayer gameplay - go watch his video and see what he has to say! If you left Halo 4 due to unhappiness with the gameplay choices, this might help convince you that it's worth another look! (Louis Wu 20:48:54 UTC) (permalink)


Hey! Look! Behind you!
pete_the_duck (that's the third time I've had to write that today) and some HBO friends assembled last night to play Halo: Reach - and the clip in his forum post shows off just how clueless the Red team was being. I laughed. (Louis Wu 20:43:47 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Forge Fridays - Episode Two | Speedrun
halofix posted a new episode of Forge Friday - their focus was pete_the_duck's Speedrun map/gametype. Go watch! (Louis Wu 20:42:14 UTC) (permalink)


AssaultGodzilla released a new Halo music video to celebrate his birthday this year (Happy birthday, AG!) - it's set to Emphatic's Stronger, and it's inspired by another HMV. Go watch! (Louis Wu 20:37:56 UTC) (permalink)


More Fails and Horses
More AchievementHunter goodies, as usual courtesy of Nikko B201 - you can watch Fails of the Weak 145 (AH.com or YouTube) if you're up for funny fails, or Halo Horse 133 (AH.com or YouTube) if you want to see Burnie faces off against The Martinizer. Enjoy! (Louis Wu 20:29:43 UTC) (permalink)


HaloCustoms Minigame Contest Finals - going on NOW
pete_the_duck's Speedrun has made it to the finals of the HaloCustoms Minigame Contest - and voting ends tomorrow (Monday) night. Swing by and check out the two finalists, Speedrun and Green Lantern - and cast your vote! (Louis Wu 20:22:56 UTC) (permalink)


The Only Thing Real Was the Competition
Our beloved Schooly D took us on a little trip down memory lane with regards to how the competitive Halo scene has changed over the years. And my how it's changed! (GrimBrother One 18:37:38 UTC) (permalink)


Saturday's news in brief:

BAWler Trick
Can't Find the Door
Top 10 Arbiter Lines Video

Friday's news in brief:

By the Grace of Grim
Mighty Morphin Spartan Soldiers
Forward Unto the Emmy Awards

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