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The HighSpeedHalo Montage
Chappified stopped in with word of a montage compiled by zusaij - it's a collection of High Speed Halo tricks and clips collected over several years. It runs 13 minutes, and contains everything from nostalgic looks back to jaw-dropping feats of skill. It's awesome! Go watch. (Louis Wu 19:48:01 UTC) (permalink)


Packing a Box Launch
t00lbox played with the Gravity Hammer on Halo 4's Midnight - how high can you fly? (Pretty high, apparently.) Go watch! (Louis Wu 19:38:47 UTC) (permalink)


Grifball at RTX - It's so there, baby
Kal reminded us of all the Grifball coolness you'll be able to experience at RTX in less than two weeks - GrifballHub will be running a community-paid-for booth (yay Kickstarter!) with LAN Grifball stations, along with a Grifball panel and two tournaments on the RTX Center Stage. They've got over 5,000 (yes, you read that right) pieces of shwag to give away during the 3-day event. Go read all the details at GrifballHub.com! (Louis Wu 18:13:10 UTC) (permalink)


Sufikz - First and Final Halo 2 Montage
RVideo is back with ANOTHER Halo Forum-hosted montage - this one has gameplay by Sufikz with editing by Mars, and focuses on Halo 2. Yes, Halo 2. 8 minutes of Lockout, Midship, and Beaver Creek (mostly Lockout), with plenty of fadeaway jumpshots. (Coag makes a couple of appearances, too - but really we stick with the staples.) Check it! (Louis Wu 18:09:26 UTC) (permalink)


AchievementHunter Goodies: FotW 143, HH 132
Nikko B201 is getting more efficient - with one post he's provided links to both this week's Fails of the Weak (AH.com | YouTube) and this week's Halo Horse episode (AH.com | YouTube), which continues the office tournament. The first vid shows off 10 fails (while Geoff is a meanie), while the second shows Patrick and Miles facing off for the first round slot. Go enjoy! (Louis Wu 17:59:36 UTC) (permalink)


Crunch came by with a link to Fusion - a Blend of Jumping and Killing, as he puts it. Whatever you call it, it's a pretty cool vid - starts slow, but by the end, it's giving me all sorts of jumps I want to try (along the end result when you totally surprise an opponent by making one). Go watch! (Louis Wu 17:53:16 UTC) (permalink)


Pete, Howard... they're all the same, right?
pete_the_duck's 'Speedrun Survival' map/gametype made AchievementHunter's Game Night video this week - and while the video does indeed showcase the gameplay, the voiceover is all about Lea Thompson (not Emma Thompson, as Geoff believes). Nevertheless, it's entertaining. Thanks, Urban Reflex. (Louis Wu 17:51:09 UTC) (permalink)


Saturday's news in brief:

Tyrant's Halo 4 Mythic Walkthrough - Infinity
Reach LASO commentary: Winter Contingency

Friday's news in brief:

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