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Matchmaking Matchmaking Make me a Match...
Bravo at 343 Industries wants to make sure everyone is up to speed on the new Matchmaking Update for Halo 4 that went live today. Go and check out what changes have occurred to our precious battlefields! (GrimBrother One 21:52:22 UTC) (permalink)


New Community Section Ready to Cock 'n Roll!
Our fine friends over at Rooster Teeth announced a cool new Community Spotlight feature in their neck of the interwoods. Go and see what it's all about! (GrimBrother One 21:24:31 UTC) (permalink)


Staying Up Late
The Age of Gratitude site has been updated with another story of how a game can change one's life for the happier. Go check out the latest entry, penned by HBO member Mr Daax. It's a great read, and a great excuse to catch up on some feel-good stories if you've missed out on the others. Check it out! (GrimBrother One 20:40:05 UTC) (permalink)


Hollow Gram
343 continues to add incredibly impressive displays of talent to their "Fan Art Focus" gallery on Halo Waypoint. The latest entry is an absolutely gorgeous Cortana piece by CharlotteChambers. Definitely go and give this one fast click and a nice long look! (GrimBrother One 17:18:23 UTC) (permalink)


Aw, c'mon... leave him alone!
Sliding Ghost was messing with a Promethean Knight on the final level of Halo 4 - watch the video, and TRY not to call him a bully! (Louis Wu 17:05:39 UTC) (permalink)


All In
TTL Demag0gue announced the latest Reclaimer - it's time to put up or shut up! (Louis Wu 17:03:15 UTC) (permalink)


Are You Going To Make Me Beg?
I've contacted all the winners regarding the 'mastrbiggy and Commander' giveaway and I'm still waiting on a few replies - make sure to check the email you used to enter the contest and send me a reply. You have until 5/8 (Wednesday) to respond, otherwise I will have to pick new winners - that would make me very sad :(. (colindosaj 09:13:30 UTC) (permalink)


Playtime S4E3 - Glove Slap
cruellegacy posted episode 3 of 'Playtime' season 4, it's titled 'Glove Slap'. While Warren and Cobra preoccupy themselves with Red, an enemy from their past plans his attack. You can watch it on YouTube or on CruelLegacy Productions. Go watch! Update: It's now up on Halo Waypoint too. (colindosaj 09:10:24 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

Halo 4 Mythic Difficulty Guide - Requiem
Fails of the Weak 137
This ain't your daddy's Dumbo
Through Infinity, and Beyond...
Halo: Oversized Collection
Super Bleep Time

Saturday's news in brief:

May Day Halo Bulletin Finally Local

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