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Halo Customs iOS App
Long time Halo fan Jonathan Marsh sent word of his Halo Customs app (iOS App) - his goal is to help revive the Halo customs community by allowing you to easily find and connect with others playing Halo custom games. Pretty neat idea - go check it out! (colindosaj 08:33:20 UTC) (permalink)


Weapon Balance Breakdown
aPK shared the latest video from Beyond Entertainment - it breaks down all the weapon balance changes presented in this week's bulletin. There's also a visual aid to help better communicate what these changes mean. Nice! (colindosaj 08:30:50 UTC) (permalink)


Anoj's Top 10 Amazing Kills: Episode 24
There's a new top 10 from Anoj - this one focuses on amazing kills. Number six is pretty cool! Thanks, Jordan Bell. (colindosaj 08:30:00 UTC) (permalink)


Halo Bulletin 4.17.13
Yes, it's a day late - can't you give a guy a break? Anyway, this week's Halo bulletin is filled to the brim Halo news - there's plenty of juicy info detailing weapon tuning, a recap of AGL Nashville, info on next week's matchmaking update as well as a look at Strongside's UNSC-themed Ford Raptor (lucky!) The bulletin closes out with some mighty fine looking Halo 4 Grifball screenshots. As always, there's a low-calorie local version. Thanks, Grim. (colindosaj 08:28:56 UTC) (permalink)


A Fridge 2 Far 2: Episode 5
It's Friday and that means episode 5 of 'A Fridge 2 Far 2' is live - The Post Game Carnage Report crew play a huge part in this episode. Thanks, Robowski. (colindosaj 08:27:24 UTC) (permalink)


Playtime Season 4 Soundtrack
cruellegacy lets us know that he has released the soundtrack to Playtime Season 4 - it's available on iTunes, CDBaby and Soundcloud. You can also check out the recently released season 3 and the Playtime Soundtrack Volume 1 (Volume 1 is on sale for $5!) (colindosaj 08:25:30 UTC) (permalink)


MLG Episode 11
John Battle informed us that episode 11 of 'MLG' is up - we're closing in on the season finale! Go watch! (colindosaj 08:23:05 UTC) (permalink)


Thursday's news in brief:

Halo 4 Fan Art - That New Suit Smell
Halo HORSE 123
PGCR 158

Wednesday's news in brief:

Reclaimer - Survival
Halo Music Video - Burning in the Skies
Support A Fridge 2 Far 2 - Halo Mega Bloks Movie
Flood Map Collection 01

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