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Podtacular 361: Forgetacular
pete_the_duck wanted us to know that the latest Podtacular is full of a bunch of quacking about Forge - go listen! (Louis Wu 20:17:20 UTC) (permalink)


A Resource for Mapmakers - and Enthusiasts
Thanks to SNIPE 316, who let us know that the Community Cartographers have their own website now! It's full of fascinating information - tutorials, how-tos, interviews - of interest to Forgers and non-Forgers alike! Go take a look. (Louis Wu 20:16:58 UTC) (permalink)


A Very Special Mythic Finisher
DEEP NNN stopped by to point out his friend, Old n Achy, who's just beaten Halo 4's campaign on Mythic difficulty (Solo, Legendary, All Skulls On) - and put them up on YouTube for public viewing. Now this, by itself, isn't really unique - we've mentioned lots of people who do this. But Old n Achy has something none of those other people have - 65 years of time on this planet. Now THAT'S impressive! You can read his post on 2old2play, and you can see some of the runners whose techniques he credits in a followup by DEEP NNN. Hats off to O n A! (Louis Wu 20:16:05 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

Clips of the Week Episode 4
ThreeA Commando Figure Unveiled
Backup Plans
Halo 4 Commissioning Trailer in LEGO
Confessions of a Grifballer
Playtime Season 4 Launch Trailer
Halo - Wonderwall Music Video

Sunday's news in brief:

Who's the Machine?
Podtacular 360
Launching above the Lich
Forward Ops: Agronomics

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