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Halo news back Saturday, March 30, 2013 Halo news forward

More IH Comicon requests
Isaac Hannaford posted another batch of artwork he created at ECCC - there's even some Halo 4 art in there! Amazing as always. Thanks, Black Six. (Louis Wu 20:58:20 UTC) (permalink)


Clips needed for Halo Fix Top 5
The Halo Fix is working on their Top 5 series again - and they need your clips. Stop by this post to read the details! (Louis Wu 20:56:32 UTC) (permalink)


Fails of the Weak 132
The latest Fails of the Weak, from the AchievementHunter crew, has some great fails (the Sticky Det bounce on Haven was awesome), a win, and some discussion that has nothing to do with fails. Watch it on AH.com or YouTube. Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 20:55:39 UTC) (permalink)


Forge Island Review
Beyond Entertainment's aPK has a review of Forge Island - it doesn't cost anything, so you can just try it out yourself... but if you like to see what others think before downloading (even when downloading doesn't cost anything), this is a nice summary! (Louis Wu 20:49:19 UTC) (permalink)


Cheap RC Vehicles at Big Lots
MacGyver10 wanted to point out that Big Lots (a closeout chain) has a pretty large collection of Halo remote controlled vehicles - now might be the time to grab something at a great price! (Louis Wu 20:46:48 UTC) (permalink)


rd7's hal0
TDSpiral showed us a fantastic piece of fan-art he found at CGHub - that mantis looks AWESOME. (Louis Wu 20:45:09 UTC) (permalink)


HBO pays dividends on eBay
Crudeoyle stopped by with an unusual (and generous!) offer: buy something from one of his current eBay (UK) auctions, mention that you saw this on HBO, and he'll knock 15% off the final price. Wow! (Some cool Halo stuff, too - posters, Legendary goodies, and more... go look!) (Louis Wu 20:43:15 UTC) (permalink)


Anoj's Halo 4 Top 10 Ep 21: Unusual Kills
There's a new Top 10 video from Anoj - it's called 'Unusual Kills', and it has some fun kills. Go watch! Thanks, Jordan Bell. (Louis Wu 20:39:38 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's news in brief:

Have t00lbox, Will Travel
RULtacular Takes on PAX East
The Forge is Strong With This One
The Running of the Bulletins
Assault on the Control Tools
Grab Some Ample Sample

Thursday's news in brief:

Story Time: Undercover Spies and Double Agents
Halo Council Top 5 S2E4
Halo 4 TU is live - go play!
Midwest Geekfest just got cooler
MLG Ep 8
PGCR 155
Achievement HORSE 120

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