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Halo news back Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Halo news forward

Halo 4 Needler Blueprints Time Lapse
YouTuber volpin created a timelapse video of his creation of some blueprints to build a Halo 4 Needler. 7.5 hours are compressed down to just over 4 minutes... pretty cool! Thanks, Laird. (Louis Wu 20:00:52 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Heroes Theme
Microsoft released a batch Halo 4 themes - go decorate your desktop with your favorite Halo 4 hero! Thanks, Steelyuhas. (colindosaj 18:00:02 UTC) (permalink)


Dust and Echoes Ep 31: Happy Birthday!
Woaf sent word that Dust and Echoes 31 is loose in the wild - go listen to their one-year-anniversary show! Topics of discussion include the new Forge maps, the return of Spartan Ops, and Grifball. Good stuff! (Louis Wu 15:10:22 UTC) (permalink)


Ops-Cast Episode 6: Schrödinger's Harvester
MoltenSlowa and crew are back in full force with Ops-Cast Episode 6. Go listen! (colindosaj 12:04:55 UTC) (permalink)


Stunning Halo 3 Panoramas
Computron shared some beautiful high-res Halo 3 panoramas - sometimes I forget how incredible Halo 3 looks. Good stuff! (colindosaj 06:53:03 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

Going together
RC Master Continues to Stand Alone
I Wonder If There are ICWA Meetings
More Halo at the GDC
Spartan Ops, Friends, and Grifball
Halo 4 Mythbusters Episode 6
Hokiebird's Halo 2 Legendary Guide
t00lbox's third Halo 4 Trick/Glitch Compilation

Sunday's news in brief:

Ding Fries are Done
Feet First Into Hell Using Kerbal Space Program
Halo Art Goldmine
Podtacular 340
Harvester Meet Scarab, Scarab meet Harvester

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