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Halo news back Thursday, December 27, 2012 Halo news forward happy holidays!

Tyrant's Legendary Halo 4 Walkthrough - Infinity
The Tyrant has finished up his Infinity Legendary Walkthrough - and this one's a beast. It's nearly an hour long, and contains some nice techniques to keep you alive. Check out the clever Mantis glitch! (Louis Wu 21:19:55 UTC) (permalink)


Regular Halo
Missed this when it went live last week - but Wahrer Machine set me straight. Not a Fan comic takes a shot at Commander Palmer - ouch! Check it out. (Louis Wu 18:50:54 UTC) (permalink)


Flying a Pelican on Reclaimer
Whoa. Did you know that you can fly a pelican in Reclaimer? (Not Shutdown, where you START in a Pelican... the level BEFORE that. The one with the Mammoth.) Nowise10 discovered this last night, and filmed it in tutorial form. (I also had no idea it had a secondary fire mode... but that's probably just me being clueless.) Pretty awesome stuff! (Louis Wu 18:44:52 UTC) (permalink)


Hunting Achievements - or just fun
More AchievementHunter content for you: we'll start with a Let's Play on the Crimson Maps (Episode 2, to be specific). 25 minutes of AH crew abusing each other, both verbally and in-game. Pretty fun! (Thanks, Wahrer Machine.) When you're done with that, check out Achievement HORSE 107 - again, it's PIG, and Ray and Jack face off in some pretty cool maps. Watch this on AH.com or YouTube - thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 18:36:33 UTC) (permalink)


CNN puts Halo 4 on a pedestal
CNN posted their 10 Best Video Games of 2012... and Halo 4 came in at #4. (Pretty funny sidenote - when this went live yesterday, the image that represented Halo 4 was actually from Black Ops II - which didn't make the list. They've fixed it now.) Thanks, Avateur. (Louis Wu 18:27:57 UTC) (permalink)


THC/Gamers for Giving 4v4 Tournament
CyReN let us know about a 4v4 Halo 4 tournament sponsored by The Halo Council and Gamers For Giving - it's happening in central Michigan on February 16 and 17, and you're invited. Your entry fee goes directly to support Gamers Outreach - prizes (and they're substantial - First Prize in the Halo tourney is $1500) are underwritten by sponsors. Go check it out! (Louis Wu 18:25:13 UTC) (permalink)


Wednesday's news in brief:

Farewell, Dalcaeus
Checking Campaign's Evolution
KSoft gets an update

Tuesday's news in brief:

Silent Day, Apparently

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