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Halo news back Tuesday, November 27, 2012 Halo news forward

Halo 4 Mythic - Done.
Lord Friendship stopped in with word of a player who has completed Halo 4 on Mythic (solo, Legendary, all skulls on). Whoa. I learned a new way to deal with Promethean Knights... remains to be seen if iI'm gutsy enough to use it. (Louis Wu 18:46:08 UTC) (permalink)


Halo Bible Anniversary - Tricking Continues
More Halo Anniversary tricks from Jefferson and HaloCreation - this time, we've got Out of Keyes (plus a tutorial), and The Ultimate Jump (plus a tutorial). Go check 'em out! (Louis Wu 18:43:56 UTC) (permalink)


Distilling SpOps
A couple of forum-goers have been putting together Spartan Ops-related videos; uberfoop released "Spartan Ops: The Experience: Episode One", which tries to capture the experience of playing, while Bry let us know about a series he's working on (for a friend with no LIVE) that focuses on the story/dialogue (the first episode is up). Go watch! (Louis Wu 18:40:03 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Spartan Ops/Co-op Lag Explained
Nevin 'CruelLEGACEY' Douglas has put up an article explaining Spartan Ops and Co-op lag - give it a read for answers (and suggestions!) if you've been having problems. (It's an updated version of the article he wrote about Reach last year.) (Louis Wu 18:36:23 UTC) (permalink)


Iconic Instruments of Incineration
How-To Geek found a piece of artwork with 52 sci-fi and video game weapons - do you recognize the one that makes it relevant to this site? Thanks, Cybrfrk. (Louis Wu 18:33:41 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

Cahds. Lots of Cahds.
Spartan Ops Ep 4 Cinematic - now archived
Halo 4: Looks that Kill
Cheap toys
Halo 4 Quick Tips - How To Sprint Spring Jump
The LAN Network: Uncut and Unreleased
Ops-Cast Ep 3: Giant Lazer Robots
Halo 4 Mythbusters Ep 2
Halo 4 Ringtones - Batch 1
Mmm, mmm, Moa!
Spartan Map Pack release dates

Sunday's news in brief:

Halo 4 Cutscene Library: complete
Glitching out of Midnight
Cavern Megabattle with a Twist
Visualizing the Halo Universe: Round 4
Kentucky Fried LAN
Showing off the beauty in H4MP
Yet more Halo 4 thoughts
Fails of the Weak 114
Spartan Ops Episode 3, with RUL
More like Multiplayer Common Sense, amirite?
GameOverCast analyzes Halo 4

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