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Halo news back Monday, November 5, 2012 Halo news forward

A Brief History of Halo... Complete
Urban Reflex also wanted to finish up his summary of the history of the Halo universe before Halo 4 hit the shelves for the masses - you can read Part 4: Great Journey and Part 5: Schism on our forum. Again, posting will be reopened tomorrow, so save your feedback! (Louis Wu 22:58:22 UTC) (permalink)


I... uh...
MASSAIKUR bought enough Mountain Dew for the maximum 200 Double XP matches... and then made 8-bit Halo-related cap art from the bottle caps. I'm speechless. (Louis Wu 22:17:16 UTC) (permalink)


Of Ducks and Donuts
pete_the_duck joined a bunch of Forgers at the offices of 343 this weekend - there's a writeup on petetheduck.com. Pictures, impressions, mentions of donuts - what more do you need? Go read! (Louis Wu 21:38:12 UTC) (permalink)


Glad You Came
The Warp Zone guys (remember their last parody?) are back with a new song - Glad You Came, a parody of the hit single by The Wanted. I definitely like it better than the original! Thanks, CyReN. (Louis Wu 21:35:04 UTC) (permalink)


Brad Sears let us know about Halo 401K, a Halo 4 spoof put together by Smiley Guy Cartoons. We knew the Chief could handle Knights... how about DayTraders? Pretty funny - go watch! (Louis Wu 20:57:34 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4: The Biggest Game Launch in MS History
If you're looking for a way to ring in the new game with other Halo fans, Halo Waypoint has some information about launch events, taking place all over the world. Check it to see if there's one near you! (Louis Wu 19:25:47 UTC) (permalink)


The War Master
Another HBO community member, TDSpiral, put together a War Master pic to celebrate the impending release. I love it. It's posted on Facebook, but you do not need a Facebook account to view it. (Louis Wu 19:22:57 UTC) (permalink)


Shield and Sword - the Wrapup
There is more Halo 4 content out there than you can shake a Gravity Hammer at - let's start with some local stuff. Leviathan has been posting a series of thought experiments - he calls the project 'Shield and Sword', and it shows, via text, sketches, maps, and more, how he might have gone about making a Halo-related campaign. The final bits were ready to go this weekend - but we were offline. He posted them on his personal blog, but we've put up local copies, so that the full run is visible on our forum, as he intended it to be. Check out Mission Seven: United, and when you're through, jump over to The Final Threads (missions eight and nine, plus an epilogue). The forum is still closed for comments - but it will reopen tomorrow, so you can add your thoughts then! (Louis Wu 19:07:59 UTC) (permalink)


We're back... (sort of)
Our self-imposed break is over (for the most part) - we're back, just in time for tomorrow's launch of Halo 4. Looks like our roundup from Thursday was pretty close to spot-on - we'll re-list the highlights here:

We'll be back with fresh news very soon - keep your eyes open! (Louis Wu 18:01:08 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

How many GrimBrothers are there really? The answer may shock you.

Saturday's news in brief:

We love video game development so much, we've decided to "go dark" ourselves today.

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