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Halo: A Beautiful New World
Legend, from German site HaloBase, let us know that they've put together Halo 4: A Beautiful New World, a video showing off the campaign footage included in recent Behind the Scenes videos from 343. (You can read about it on their site, here.) While you're checking out their stuff, they're putting together a contest for German Halo fans - you can win a Halo Anniversary shirt if you share their vid on Facebook! Check it out. (Louis Wu 20:46:46 UTC) (permalink)


Wait... it's on the internet!
Sometimes, you might come across content on the internet that isn't fully accurate. (Hope you were sitting down when you read that.) A few hours ago, the French site Halo Destiny posted this comment on their Facebook page - if you don't read French, it translates to this:

In normal mode, the 4 first Halo 4 campaign missions can be completed within an hour. Bravo life of the game.

This, understandably, might cause some distress if you've been anticipating a long campaign in Halo 4. Luckily, we've got Frank to bust myths - he posted this at NeoGAF:

That's interesting, since nobody from the press or the public has played the first four missions. Oh and Rally point C in mission 3 takes 15 minutes with invincibility turned on.

Breathe easy, internet. (Thanks to Hypertrooper for the heads-up. And when Frank says 'invincibility', he's talking about a dev mode option.) (Louis Wu 20:24:59 UTC) (permalink)


Ellis and Chou help Giantbomb play Halo 4
Giantbomb recorded their Big Live Live Show 3 yesterday - about four and a half hours in (thanks, Slaker117), they played a little Halo 4 CTF on Exile - with commentary. Definitely worth watching! (Louis Wu 20:18:13 UTC) (permalink)


Strive-umentary - A Halo Team Documentary
Human put together a documentary showing off the trials and tribulations of the European Halo team at the European Gaming League's 7th event in Blackpool, UK - it's 80 minutes long! Thanks, CyReN. (Louis Wu 20:13:30 UTC) (permalink)


Failure is ALWAYS an Option
Can't get enough of Jack and Geoff finding a million and one ways to find fun in Halo: Reach? Good, because Episode 104 of Fails of the Weak is live and ready for your enjoyment. You can also catch it on YouTube. Go watch! Thanks Nikko B201 (GrimBrother One 17:30:53 UTC) (permalink)


The Word of the Day is 'Technique'
Thanks to CyReN for stopping by to let us know about a new video from The Halo Council featuring Nexy as he breaks down the BR, DMR, Covenant Carbine, and Forerunner Lightrife as they appear in Halo 4. Really great look, check it out! (GrimBrother One 17:21:11 UTC) (permalink)


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