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Halo news back Monday, August 27, 2012 Halo news forward

Fan Fotos
Munish23 was also at Fan Expo this weekend - check out some pics. (Louis Wu 21:23:41 UTC) (permalink)


The Gratitude Continues
Four new entries have been added in over at the Age of Gratitude project. Go and see what these fans had to say in appreciation for what Halo has meant for them, and as always, consider sending in your own memories to share! (GrimBrother One 19:00:14 UTC) (permalink)


Purple Plasma - launching soon!
Australia's V (an energy drink company) just unveiled 'Purple Plasma', a Halo 4-themed libation. Initial reaction seems quite positive! Thanks, Jmte (who found it at Gadgetsteria). (Louis Wu 15:11:57 UTC) (permalink)


One Fan's Look at Halo 4
NeoGAF's lilty was at Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend - he wrote up some impressions in the Halo thread on GAF. I thought the biggest takeaway was how critical the hardware used at conventions can be! Update: This post has more. (Louis Wu 15:07:44 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Front and Center at Eurogamer Expo
Eurogamer Expo 2012 is coming up in a month - it's a gaming festival that takes place every year in London. Recently, they announced the keynote speaker, kicking off the event on Thursday, September 27 - Frank O'Connor will present a Halo 4 Developer Session to showcase "this year's biggest Xbox 360 release". According to Tom Bramwell, Eurogamer Operations Director:

We were looking around for a big video game icon to open the show and they don't get much bigger than the Master Chief. The Master Chief is more than a video game star - he's a pop culture icon - and we can't wait to see what 343 Industries has in store for us.

Not too shabby! (Louis Wu 15:04:09 UTC) (permalink)


Waypoint Community Modcast - Episode 25
Nevin 'CruelLEGACEY' Douglas let us know that the 25th episode of the Waypoint Community Modcast went live yesterday - on it, he and Das Kalk discuss the playable Halo 4 they experienced at Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend. Go listen! (Louis Wu 14:52:26 UTC) (permalink)


Dog Days in DC - First Look
Some of the HBO Old Guard got together in DC this weekend, at the house of Malagate, to eat, drink, and play Halo. Greythor was there, and wrote up some of the highlights. Go read! (Louis Wu 14:50:25 UTC) (permalink)


Second Opinion with Ghandi and Nexy
Nexy and Ghandi sat down to discuss recent Halo news - nice to see MLG-centric folks looking at the rest of the Halo community! Thanks, CyReN. (Louis Wu 14:43:36 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

HaloGAF Radio Ep 8: BravoMLG and Heckfu
GTTV Bonus Round, Fall Game Preview (Halo 4)
I'm pretty sure he's there for his movie reviews.
Was waiting for the equals D...
Firefight Descent
Podtacular 307 (plus PodTV bonuses)
PG's Games Worth Playing 1
More offscreen Halo 4 MP (Fan Expo)
Heavenly Carnage
Holograms and Hills
Glitching that Spartan Arm
Forging Ahead - Unfinished Business
German Subtitles for Enlist

Saturday's news in brief:

One Minute Remaining
Dipping everything in melted cheese and chocolate
Fails of the Weak 101
Anoj Top 10 Lucky Kills
Halo After Dawn Eps 2 and 3

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