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Arby 'n' the Chief backroom stuff
Jon CJG has released a few goodies for Arby 'n' the Chief fans - music and scripts, for download. See this post on his blog for details. There's also a new Director's Commentary on Season 7 Episode 4 (chosen because it's the longest episode this season, not for any plot reasons). Go watch! (Louis Wu 19:54:14 UTC) (permalink)


RTX Halo 4 Wrapup, from Waypoint
Halo Waypoint posted a wrapup from RTX - floor footage, fan impressions, developer comments. Go watch! THanks, Mixmasterchief. (It's on YouTube, as well, if you have trouble with Silverlight, or you want a higher-res verison.) (Louis Wu 19:50:20 UTC) (permalink)


FotW 97
Fails of the Weak is closing in on its 100th episode - 97 went live yesterday (AH.com | YouTube). Death and laughs - what more is there? Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 19:48:46 UTC) (permalink)


Sack Time
Yesterday was Friday, so a new Bungie Mailsack found its way to the world wide web. Great questions, great answers. Get to know your friendly neighborhood employees just a little bit better! (Ibeechu started a thread on our forum, if you have anything to say about it.) (Louis Wu 19:48:07 UTC) (permalink)


CE3 - a celebration of Halo: CE
MatthewDratt stopped by to point out that CE3 LIVE, an event for showing off what the Halo: Custom Edition community has been doing recently, will be streamed live tomorrow at 4pm Eastern. He also linked to five promo pieces (very short): one | two | three | four | five. Make some time! (Louis Wu 19:47:25 UTC) (permalink)


The Promethean Crawler, up close and personal
Halo Base's Legend put together a gallery of shots of the Promethean Crawler, a new enemy we'll be facing in Halo 4. Nice work! (Louis Wu 19:46:40 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's news in brief:

Dumpster Diving
Halo Legendary - now without Irkutsk
Halo 4 Art Cover Revealed
Anoj Explains Episode 11
More FuD BTS Goodness

Thursday's news in brief:

TotS LASO in under 9 minutes
Forward Unto Dawn model - up close
Halo Warthog, interactive
Achievement HORSE 85
Spawning Outside of Exodus
HBO Indy LAN Picture Dump
Seven Questions, Seven Codes
Frank Talks Spartan-Ops to MSNBC
Josh Holmes to speak at VIEW 2012
H4 Xbox360 Info, from u4ix or Greenskull

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