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Halo news back Monday, May 28, 2012 Halo news forward

Waypoint Community Modcast Episode 17
CruelLEGACEY sent word of the latest Halo Waypoint Community Modcast - it's listener questions and discussion of the Halo 4 Limited Edition! Go check it out. (Louis Wu 19:11:09 UTC) (permalink)


Create a good XBL message, win Halo 4
Robowski let us know that Post Game Carnage Report is celebrating their age, and the release of Halo 4, with a fun contest - you've got until July 30 to send him (Robowski) a cool XBL message. Top three clips will be posted on their Facebook page, and the winning clip will get a free copy of Halo 4. Nice! (Louis Wu 19:09:45 UTC) (permalink)


Forge with Pete 2: Duck Hunt
pete_the_duck's series on cool Forge mini-games continues on Halo Waypoint - Episode 2 will show you a really simple but entertaining game of Duck Hunt (well, Golf Ball Hunt). You can do so much with so little! (Louis Wu 15:10:02 UTC) (permalink)


Not all UNSCs are the same.
Sometimes, I see something on the internet that makes me wonder about where we're going. Last week, the BBC (the BBC!!) ran a story on the UN Security Council and its response to events in Syria... and whoever was responsible for visuals for the piece accidentally included the United Nations Space Command logo (yes, the one from the Halo universe) to represent the Security Council. Ouch! Best video I've seen was in that Kotaku story linked above, but the incident was brought up on our forum by mneo. Wow. Just... wow. (Louis Wu 15:07:51 UTC) (permalink)


Arby 'n' the Chief S7E3: Massive Damage
The latest episode of Arby 'n' the Chief is now live - Chief is doing his best to find true love. Being Chief... his efforts leave something to be desired. Other storylines also get updates. Go watch! Thanks, Ogan Panavo. (Louis Wu 15:02:24 UTC) (permalink)


Getting into the Rec Room
A group called TenaciousTricking has released a video showing how to get into a room they call 'The Rec Room', on Halo 3's Crow's Nest. It's a trick that takes a ridiculous amount of dedication - go watch the vid! (Louis Wu 14:58:41 UTC) (permalink)


Halo Mug - have you seen it?
Jase Dakota found a Halo-themed beer mug, and wonders if anyone knows where it might have come from. Take a look at the pic, and see what you can do! (Louis Wu 14:55:38 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

Halo Game Posters
THC's Take on the Rail Gun
Still talkin' 'bout preorder bonuses...

Saturday's news in brief:

The Fallen: Crucible
The Bulletin recaps the week
Mail Sack 18
Drunk on Halo Ep 8

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