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Halo news back Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Halo news forward

Much Better Than the Cancelled Early Idea of Spartan MOps: Keeping It Clean
Game Informer has released their next article stub and video feature at their Halo 4 hub, and this one focuses on the new Spartan Ops mode. Go and see how 343 Industries is planning on unleashing a game-changer on the Halo Universe! (GrimBrother One 21:16:14 UTC) (permalink)


A tiny Halo 4 detail, from the crew
Josh Holmes (Halo 4's creative director) stopped into our forum this morning to clarify a small (but important!) bit of information - if you were worried that an 'unlock with experience' system would keep you from being able to pick up weapons you haven't 'earned' yet... worry no more. Read his post for more details. Update: I noticed a similarly useful note over at NeoGAF, this time from Frankie. It's like they want us to take deep breaths, or something... (Tom Van Sinden 18:14:18 UTC) (permalink)


Dust and Echoes Podcast Ep 9
The Woaf let us know about the release of the next episode of Dust and Echoes - this week's podcast covers the Halo 4 composer, among other Halo topics. Go listen! (Tom Van Sinden 18:10:22 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Countdown
In case you need to know (to the SECOND) how much time you have before Halo 4 releases, Firestream put up a site for the countdown. (It looks to be set to midnight, Pacific time, so most people in the world will be able to get their hands on it a bit before it reaches zero... but it's pretty close.) Update: Firestream has added a smaller version you can embed on your site. Go look. (Tom Van Sinden 18:08:59 UTC) (permalink)


Show Greenskull your Halo Collection
Greenskull has put together some of his Halo collection - he wants to see yours! Make a video of what you've got, and drop him a response! (Tom Van Sinden 18:06:02 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 on Conan
The anticipated Conan O'Brien sketch went live last night - if you missed it on-air, you can catch it on YouTube (thanks, Mig). serpx also noticed a followup vid (some discussion of motivations, and sort of behind-the-scenes on the actual project). Watch 'em both! (Tiny snippets of actual Halo 4 content, lots of Conan silliness.) (Tom Van Sinden 15:54:58 UTC) (permalink)


Tuesday's news in brief:

343 Sparkast 012
Official Halo 4 Release Date Announcement
If you want to play low-res Halo 4, you can
HCEA Concept Art back up at Visualatrium
CBS teams up with MLG and Twitch
Introducing the Korny Rendering Service
Breaking In: Alex Loret de Mola
It's All Conceptual, Of Course
What's In Store For Playtime?
I am Best Friends with Frankie. He is Not Aware of This Friendship.
117 Returns on 11-6

Monday's news in brief:

Changes to Halo's competitive multiplayer
Practical Jumping on Reach Ep 4: MLG Pit v7
Team Coco plus Halo 4 equals...
PlaytimeShow gets a forum
New content at The Spartan Force

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