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July 2022 Archived News

News July 26 2022


The Cutting Room Floor Gets Lored
The latest Cannon Fodder serves as a final installment in 343i's exploration of cut gameplay elements from the early games—a bit of an encyclopedic stroll through lost concepts that have retroactively been made part of the canon. This stuff is your history, so go read it! (fuchsdh 19:52:19 UTC) (permalink)


News July 25 2022


The Cutscene Library gets a facelift
After quite a long period of neglect, the Halo Cutscene Library has been brought (almost) up to date. First and foremost, Halo Infinite now has a page where all of its cutscenes can be watched or downloaded, in resolutions up to 4K. Several other collections (specifically Halo 3, ODST, Reach, and Halo 4) have also had 4K versions added (thanks to the Master Chief Collection), and ALL of the pages have received a cleanup - no more QuickTime .mov files, no more .wmv files, just nice, easy-to-process .mp4s. If you need any of this content for video projects, it's available for your downloading pleasure! As is usually the case when the Cutscene Library is involved, thanks goes to Cody Miller for recording. (Louis Wu 17:13:45 UTC) (permalink)


News July 7 2022


Everything Old is New Again with The Cutting Room Floor
This is very cool—343i has a Halowaypoint post detailing old cut content from the early Halo games, and the efforts to resurrect them, as part of a month-long content drop. There's some great treats in this first installment, so check it out! h/t to Cody Moore.
old spartans
(fuchsdh 01:00:06 UTC) (permalink)

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