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Halo 4 Cutscene Library

The Halo 4 cutscenes, unlike the pre-rendered Halo Anniversary cutscenes, appear in-game in surround sound - and that's how we're making them available to you. (Thanks, as always, to Cody Miller for his stellar recording services.) If you don't have a surround sound rig, these degrade nicely to normal stereo.

As of March, 2016, these are now available in 1080p max resolution, and 60fps (with a couple of exceptions).

You can view a streaming version of the cutscene by clicking on a thumbnail.

  Cutscene Name Downloads
1080p 720p 360p
Introduction Introduction
Halsey discusses the Spartan program with an ONI interrogator. 3:01 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
284.4mb 107.2mb 34.4mb
Dawn Opening Dawn Opening
Opening cutscene of the game - shows you where John's spent the last 4 years, and gives you a sense of what's happened to Cortana during that time. 2:24 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
228.5mb 92.9mb 28.7mb
Dawn: Firing the Missile Dawn: Firing the Missile
Master Chief manually closes a relay to allow a missile to fire. 0:39 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
60.3mb 24.5mb 7.7mb
Dawn Closing Dawn Closing
Requiem's gravity well pulls Forward Unto Dawn (and the entire Covenant fleet) inside the planet. 0:39 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
63.9mb 23.1mb 7.2mb
Requiem Opening Requiem Opening
Chief wakes up on Requiem, and begins to get his bearings. He also begins to see the problems with Cortana. 2:01 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
200.0mb 77.4mb 24.3mb
  1080p 720p 360p
Requiem Cartographer Requiem Cartographer
Chief learns where he is. 0:19 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
29.5mb 11.7mb 3.8mb
Requiem Cartographer 2 Requiem Cartographer 2
Cortana does some more digging, and learns more about their location. 1:16 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
117.6mb 48.6mb 15.1mb
Requiem Portal Requiem Portal
Cortana tries to get Chief closer to the Infinity - but gets some surprise visitors. 1:54 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
178.9mb 72.3mb 22.6mb
Forerunner Opening Forerunner Opening
Cortana and Chief get to Requiem's Core. 0:39 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
64.2mb 25.7mb 7.9mb
Forerunner Beam 1 Forerunner Beam 1
Chief shuts down the first beam. 0:16 long.
dwnld dwnld
  10.2mb 3.2mb
  1080p 720p 360p
Forerunner Beam 2 Forerunner Beam 2
Chief shuts down the second beam. 0:16 long.
dwnld dwnld
  10.1mb 3.1mb
Forerunner: Didact Forerunner: Didact
Chief thinks he's contacted Infinity - but in fact he's released something else. 3:13 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
302.5mb 123.0mb 38.8mb
Forerunner Closing Forerunner Closing
Chief escapes the exploding ground but finds the Infinity crashing in the jungle. 1:30 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
146.4mb 57.4mb 17.7mb
Infinity Opening Infinity Opening
Chief hunts through the jungle for the Infinity. 0:59 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
90.8mb 38.1mb 11.8mb
Infinity: Lasky Infinity: Lasky
Chief meets Lasky - and Commander Palmer. 1:38 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
155.8mb 62.3mb 18.8mb
  1080p 720p 360p
Infinity Closing Infinity Closing
Chief asks Del Rio to help stop the Didact - but is denied. 1:49 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
174.1mb 71.0mb 21.9mb
Reclaimer Opening Reclaimer Opening
Del Rio instructs Gypsy Company to roll on some particle cannons to allow Infinity to escape Requiem's Gravity Well. 1:32 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
147.1mb 59.2mb 18.2mb
Reclaimer: Librarian Reclaimer: Librarian
Master Chief meets his greatest ally on Requiem, and learns the Didact's plans. 5:00 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
479.6mb 193.9mb 60.1mb
Reclaimer Closing Reclaimer Closing
Chief chooses to go after the Didact after he and Cortana are rebuffed by Del Rio. 2:33 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
238.9mb 98.2mb 30.2mb
Shutdown Opening Shutdown Opening
Cortana regrets her lack of humanity - Lasky helps Chief with some critical equipment. 2:05 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
207.8mb 81.0mb 24.9mb
  1080p 720p 360p
Shutdown Closing Shutdown Closing
Chief chases the Didact as he leaves Requiem. 1:24 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
131.2mb 52.9mb 16.5mb
Composer Opening Composer Opening
Chief arrives at Installation 03 with the Didact. 2:07 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
206.3mb 80.9mb 25.3mb
Composer: Tillson Composer: Tillson
Chief explains the danger of the Didact to Dr. Tillson. 2:10 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
211.8mb 83.6mb 26.0mb
Composer Closing Composer Closing
Chief tries to stop the Didact from stealing the Composer - the humans on the station pay the price. 2:51 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
270.7mb 110.2mb 33.8mb
Midnight Opening Midnight Opening
Chief and Cortana load a Broadsword with a weapon capable of destroying the Composer. 1:46 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
165.4mb 67.8mb 21.0mb
  1080p 720p 360p
Midnight: Landing Midnight: Landing
Infinity helps Chief land on the Didact's ship. 1:18 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
122.6mb 50.4mb 15.4mb
Midnight: Failure Midnight: Failure
Despite his struggle to reach the Didact in time, Chief watches his foe activate the Composer over Earth. 0:20 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
32.7mb 13.0mb 4.0mb
Midnight: Lightbridge Fight Midnight: Lightbridge Fight
Chief and the Didact meet on the light bridge. Things don't go well for Chief... and then Cortana steps in. 2:07 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
199.9mb 80.4mb 25.2mb
Midnight Closing Midnight Closing
Cortana says goodbye. 2:53 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
261.8mb 109.7mb 34.6mb
Ending Ending
Chief is recovered by the Infinity. Lasky tries to connect with him, but does not succeed. 3:36 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
330.2mb 130.9mb 43.2mb
  1080p 720p 360p
Credits Credits
The game's full credits. 7:53 long.
dwnld dwnld
  211.8mb 59.5mb
Legendary Ending Legendary Ending
This is the post-credits scene showing the aftermath of New Phoenix's attack by the Composer. This scene is available on all difficulties - but there is a second or two of extra footage (visible at about 1:50) that only appears once you've finished the game on Legendary. 1:57 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
187.3mb 68.5mb 23.0mb
War Games War Games
This is the cutscene that introduces War Games, the competitive/cooperative multiplayer modes available on the Infinity. 1:06 long.
dwnld dwnld
  43.1mb 13.3mb

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