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This is a legacy section.

The information included on these pages has not been updated since Halo 2 came out in 2004. It is here because it's an easy way to find movies from the early days of Halo moviemaking - but it's no longer updated. The movies approved by our Movie Peer-Reviewed Rating System can be found in our Miscellaneous section: 2005 vids are on this page, and 2006 vids are on this page. All movie-related newsposts can be found in our news database with this link.

Here you'll find all the Halo video footage released since Halo was announced, with the exception of the footage created to illustrate a gameplay trick. (For that, head over to the Gameplay Tricks section.) We've endeavored to ensure that film links are up-to-date, but we may have missed some bad links, or neglected a movie (or a movie mirror) - feel free to let us know if you find errors. More advanced sorting features will come, in time - but we decided you'd probably be okay with the default stuff for the time being, rather than having NO list at all...

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permalink Warthog Revisited 30-May-02 17.2 mb qtwmp
3:40 long. Randy Glass, creator of the original 'Warthog Jump', has spoofed himself... and in the process, made another tremendously funny vid. Long-time Bungie fans will really appreciate the added touches... but even newcomers should find it funny. When you're done watching it, think a bit about the level of editing that needed to go into this...
screensize: 320x240/240x180

Source: Randy Glass   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink When Worlds Collide 28-May-02 4.9 mb wmp
3:15 long. Footage from E3 2000 through the present, set to Powerman 5000's 'When Worlds Collide'. Spoilers.
screensize: 320x218

Source: Robo42786  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink Maw 700 Entry - Patroclus (Director's Cut) 24-May-02 20.3 mb qt
6:35 long. This movie was originally submitted for the Maw 700 contest. This version has been redone with quite a bit more humor.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Patroclus #CP#A  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink Fragfest: Unleashed 24-May-02 17.5 mb qt
3:16 long. Gameplay, taken from regular fragfests. Watch the Flag kills, in particular.
screensize: 320x218

Source: Travis Cossel   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Halo ST3K 24-May-02 15.8 mb qt
1:38 long. Mystery Science Theater 3000, Halo style.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Patroclus #CP#A   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Hell Above Water 5-May-02 6.7 mb wmp
4:06 long. A music video - clips from the E3 2000 movie, set to Curve's 'Hell Above Water'.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Masterchief   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Asshole 5-May-02 18.7 mb qtwmp
4:30 long. A hilarious video bringing Denis Leary's 'I'm an Asshole' to life using Halo footage. Ingenious, though potentially offensive.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Hickadam  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink 2070 5-May-02 24.4 mb qtwmp
4:53 long. Lots of good gameplay clips, nicely edited and set to a variety of music. Major spoilers.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Dan Chosich. Main link is WMP9 format - QuickTime also available.  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink New Halo 'Commercial' 2-May-02 16.7 mb qt
1:13 long. A Halo 'ad' created by a fan, set to 'Hero', by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Josey Scott of Saliva (off the Spider-Man movie soundtrack).
screensize: 320x240

Source: Micro295   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Ghost Jumping with SaTaN 29-Apr-02 8.7 mb qt
2:28 long. A demonstration of some of the cool things you can do with a particular glitch in Halo, set to Venom's 'In League with Satan'.
screensize: 320x240

permalink Breaking the Rules 19-Apr-02 5.9-17.8 mb qtwmp
3:24 worth of tricks and glitches, set to Andrew W.K.'s 'Party Hard'. Great style, and lots of good bits.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Team Overkill   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Halo Hurricane 9-Apr-02 11.6 - 21.5 mb qtwmp
6:45 long, a series of clips of glitches and cool gameplay moments, set nicely to music.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Renegade Theatre   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Rocket Dance 2-Apr-02 6.0 - 10.1 mb qt
2:27 long, insane things you can do with 16 players on Blood Gulch, all armed with rocket launchers... with the Hamster Dance music in the background. (The footage was recorded at the Battle of the Bay lanfest in San Francisco on March 30, 2002.)
screensize: 320x240

Source: Ian Haddock   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Driving Drunk 29-Mar-02 9.2 MB qt
2:58 long, driving footage set to Hoobastank's 'Crawling in the Dark'.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Parias and Mr. Zig - mirrored at mythica.org.
permalink Blood Gulch Scenes 26-Mar-02 11.6 MB wmp
4:34 long, Blood Gulch footage set to a varied soundtrack.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Dan Chosich - bandwidth provided by mythica.org.
permalink Warthog2k2 20-Mar-02 7.4 MB wmp
4:30 long, warthog jumping set to music, filmed with a digital camcorder pointed at a TV screen.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Nico D., of Game-press.de - movie is mirrored at mythica.org, Halo Orbit, and xbox4uweb.
permalink Halo Montage 12-Mar-02 2.6 - 19.4 mb wmp
3:53 long. A standard (if there is such a thing) Halo music video - gameplay clips, set to music.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Dan Chosich
permalink HILTSPALTH 14-Feb-02 57.8 MB qtmpg
Full name is 'How I Learned to Stop Playing and Love the Halo'. 3:17 long, lots of gameplay footage interspersed with older clips, and a unique touch - the red Elite from the E3 2000 movie sings vocals. .mpg format... though a MUCH smaller .mov has been created.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Siva - movie is mirrored at The Psyjnir Complex, and is also available as a 12.2 mb QT5 file.  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink Bodies 10-Feb-02 3.5 MB qt
3:22 long, made entirely of clips from Halo cutscenes, set very nicely to music (Drowning Pool's Bodies). Spoilers.
screensize: 320x180 (160x90, doubled)

Source: Matt Shoemaker - movie is mirrored at The Junkyard, and the hotline servers of The Psyjnir Complex and Forerunners.org.
permalink The Dukes of Halo 5-Feb-02 6.3 MB/2.3 MB qt
1:14 long, in the spirit of the intro to 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. Great launches, some pretty fun tidbits. .mov format, in two sizes.
screensize: 320x240/240x180

Source: Reidbo
permalink Warthog Jump 3-Feb-02 23.1 mb qt
3:29 long. This movie set the standard for Physics experimentation - a brilliant piece, using music and sound clips to beautifully complement some amazing physics abuse. This movie spawned a whole series of similar movies - but it's still the 'Warthog Jump'.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Randy Glass
permalink Paint it Black Mix 29-Jan-02 8.1 MB wmp
3:16 long, lots of repeating footage (from the Halo Commercial, and the E3 2000 movie), all set to 'Paint It Black'.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Kurisu's Movie Madness
permalink Renegade 27-Jan-02 40.6 MB mpg
3:48 long, Halo footage from released sources (nvidia commercial, e3 2000 vid, gamestock 2001 vids, release info), set to Soil's Halo.
screensize: 320x202

Source: Spike Bebop - bandwidth provided by The Psyjnir Complex.
permalink Halo_Vid 26-Jan-02 17.0 MB mpg
3:43 long, older Halo footage set to Linkin Park's 'In the End'.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Senator32 - movie is mirrored at mythica.org.
permalink Dragula 24-Jan-02 35.5 and 17.7 MB qt
3:17 long, gameplay footage set to Rob Zombie's 'Dragula'.
screensize: 340x250


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