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halo_3_valhala_panoramic.jpg Description: halo_3_valhala_panoramic.jpg
Size: 48K
Screen size: 1024x146
Created by theR3AP3R. Created in Forge - all players are theR3AP3R. Available in a larger version (1600x228, 112K).
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halo_art_2_rm.jpg Description: halo_art_2_rm.jpg
Size: 100K
Screen size: 1024x716
Created by Rocket Man. Available in a larger version (7696x5384, 2394K).
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halo_bwalker.jpg Description: halo_bwalker.jpg
Size: 122K
Screen size: 1024x1408
Created by Brandon Walker. Artwork was created by Shane, the son of a friend (13 years old). Available in a larger version (1700x2338, 360K).
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halo_cb.jpg Description: halo_cb.jpg
Size: 147K
Screen size: 1024x665
Created by cyberborch. Available in a larger version (3418x2219, 1081K).
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halo_doodlez_1.jpg Description: halo_doodlez_1.jpg
Size: 80K
Screen size: 548x699
Created by MutilatedMooCow.
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halo_ft.jpg Description: halo_ft.jpg
Size: 72K
Screen size: 1024x576
Created by FacialTurd. Available in a larger version (1920x1080, 277K).
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halo_installation_05.jpg Description: halo_installation_05.jpg
Size: 240K
Screen size: 1024x2048
Created by EliteSniper177. Available in a larger version (1500x3000, 658K).
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halo3transformers2.jpg Description: halo3transformers2.jpg
Size: 44K
Screen size: 1024x379
Created by Unknown371. Inspired by eBay. Available in a larger version (1440x533, 80K).
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hbo_mcd.jpg Description: hbo_mcd.jpg
Size: 179K
Screen size: 800x1100
Created by noobZ.
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img_0100_fb.jpg Description: img_0100_fb.jpg
Size: 35K
Screen size: 640x480
Created by FloodBane.
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img_0101_fb.jpg Description: img_0101_fb.jpg
Size: 37K
Screen size: 640x480
Created by FloodBane.
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in_the_bowels_of_the_ship_lev.jpg Description: in_the_bowels_of_the_ship_lev.jpg
Size: 153K
Screen size: 700x915
Created by Levi Hoffmeier. Colored version of an earlier submission.
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jackal_lev.jpg Description: jackal_lev.jpg
Size: 32K
Screen size: 402x604
Created by Levi Hoffmeier.
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landfall_lev.jpg Description: landfall_lev.jpg
Size: 154K
Screen size: 1024x768
Created by Levi Hoffmeier.
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lindasketch100.jpg Description: lindasketch100.jpg
Size: 129K
Screen size: 1024x1498
Created by Kiarushka. Available in a larger version (2240x3277, 645K).
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m-34c.jpg Description: m-34c.jpg
Size: 50K
Screen size: 1004x778
Created by Carter TrevinoThis is a concept weapon I drew to be modeled and put in on halo custom edition.
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master_chief_(_the_ark_).jpg Description: master_chief_(_the_ark_).jpg
Size: 112K
Screen size: 1024x640
Created by Devin johnston. Available in a larger version (1440x900, 198K).
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master_chief_drawing.jpg Description: master_chief_drawing.jpg
Size: 116K
Screen size: 776x600
Created by Blue Dragon Lover. "I'm 14 years old, drawn w/pencil, colored with soybean crayon, entered in youth art show."
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mastercheif_dblack.jpg Description: mastercheif_dblack.jpg
Size: 76K
Screen size: 397x768
Created by Dalton Black.
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masterchief_tc.jpg Description: masterchief_tc.jpg
Size: 165K
Screen size: 664x1000
Created by Trevor Corbin.
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