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eliteminorcs.jpg Description: eliteminorcs.jpg
Size: 157K
Screen size: 896x1024
Created by Nick Vause.
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flood_and_guilty_spark.jpg Description: flood_and_guilty_spark.jpg
Size: 77K
Screen size: 447x782
Created by PUNKISTER.
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gah.jpg Description: gah.jpg
Size: 595K
Screen size: 1536x2048
Created by gmechmk2@gmail.com. Conte crayon, Nupastel.
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half-jaw.jpg Description: half-jaw.jpg
Size: 46K
Screen size: 614x662
Created by Nick Vause.
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halley292.jpg Description: halley292.jpg
Size: 47K
Screen size: 428x679
Created by Kathryne Charles. Character art for the artist's fan fiction series On The Other Side of Stars - an original character, Halley-292.
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halo_eclipse.jpg Description: halo_eclipse.jpg
Size: 72K
Screen size: 1200x451
Created by Paul Davies. "I've wanted to do this pic for a while now but I haven't had the time until now. The idea came to me when I was looking at photos of the sun during an eclipse, and I wondered if a giant ringworld would affect the sun's light in the same way."
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halo_thanksgiving_by_dillo.jpg Description: halo_thanksgiving_by_dillo.jpg
Size: 193K
Screen size: 723x1024
Created by Dillo. Scaled down from the absurdly large original (2550x3611, 6 mb PNG). Also available as a preview version (638x903, 160K).
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halo-weenfinal.jpg Description: halo-weenfinal.jpg
Size: 198K
Screen size: 758x1035
Created by Dillo.
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hbovictory3qf.jpg Description: hbovictory3qf.jpg
Size: 76K
Screen size: 800x600
Created by SEspider.
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img_0952.jpg Description: img_0952.jpg
Size: 144K
Screen size: 1024x768
Created by Justin Ho.
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