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gado.jpg Description: gado.jpg
Size: 69K
Screen size: 537x577
Created by Dillo
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guardian_elitelarge.jpg Description: guardian_elitelarge.jpg
Size: 47K
Screen size: 800x800
Created by Guardian
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halo_2_skill.jpg Description: halo_2_skill.jpg
Size: 153K
Screen size: 1212x865
Created by SmokingGun881
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hepp_jack2.jpg Description: hepp_jack2.jpg
Size: 84K
Screen size: 708x729
Created by hepp
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longswordblue3fn.jpg Description: longswordblue3fn.jpg
Size: 14K
Screen size: 394x225
Created by Pvt. Jenkins
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mc_dragon.jpg Description: mc_dragon.jpg
Size: 93K
Screen size: 940x812
Created by Rafael Silva
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mc_vs_elites_earth_01.jpg Description: mc_vs_elites_earth_01.jpg
Size: 171K
Screen size: 1280x960
Created by Ross Gemuend. Available in a series of variants, as well: zoomed out a little (1280x1024, 187K), sun on left (1280x1024, 188K), MC position change (1280x1024, 177K), zoomed in (1280x1024, 160K), reverse angle (1280x1024, 167K), zoomed out, darker lighting (1280x1024, 174K).
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ml_master-chief.jpg Description: ml_master-chief.jpg
Size: 61K
Screen size: 567x577
Created by Michael Lonergan
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mrschief.jpg Description: mrschief.jpg
Size: 27K
Screen size: 400x600
Created by Gruntsbane
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ogre_dude.jpg Description: ogre_dude.jpg
Size: 113K
Screen size: 637x768
Created by mooching sack of death. Original version is huge (2502x3018, 1496K).
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pac_man_grunt.jpg Description: pac_man_grunt.jpg
Size: 219K
Screen size: 1674x1269
Created by 7he grunt w/a plasma pistol
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riflewp8mz.jpg Description: riflewp8mz.jpg
Size: 44K
Screen size: 1024x768
Created by Tactic
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rvb-movposter2final.jpg Description: rvb-movposter2final.jpg
Size: 223K
Screen size: 828x1024
Created by Hawaiian Pig. Also available in two font variants: first (828x1024, 223K), second (828x1024, 222K).
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t_t.jpg Description: t_t.jpg
Size: 39K
Screen size: 500x586
Created by BOLL
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tbeone8_copy.jpg Description: tbeone8_copy.jpg
Size: 168K
Screen size: 1100x591
Created by Nathan Shmithers Spratt
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td_dark_009.jpg Description: td_dark_009.jpg
Size: 125K
Screen size: 837x477
Created by True Dark 1ES
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the_real_masterchief.jpg Description: the_real_masterchief.jpg
Size: 119K
Screen size: 1073x1481
Created by Queen of the Munchkins, in association with Gneebyter. More work can be found at DeviantART.
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thj_warthog.jpg Description: thj_warthog.jpg
Size: 118K
Screen size: 1296x1233
Created by The Happy Jack
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tp_masterchief.jpg Description: tp_masterchief.jpg
Size: 87K
Screen size: 800x550
Created by Theo Prins
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true_darks_patriots.jpg Description: true_darks_patriots.jpg
Size: 279K
Screen size: 1284x801
Created by True Dark 1ES. "Alpha Team"
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