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hamishinny.gif Description: hamishinny.gif
Size: 39K
Screen size: 663x941
Created by poena.dare #CP#. Posted to the HBO Forum. Not really Halo-related... but Hamish is a pretty big player in the Bungie fan world.
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fapcgw.jpg Description: fapcgw.jpg
Size: 44K
Screen size: 320x565
Created by poena.dare #CP#. When Halo and late night soft core porn marketing meet...
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holidays2002.mc.jpg Description: holidays2002.mc.jpg
Size: 70K
Screen size: 640x950
Created by poena.dare #CP#. A Halo holiday card, based on the pd's son-drawn holiday card (visible here).
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halo-boxing.jpg Description: halo-boxing.jpg
Size: 32K
Screen size: 640x383
Created by poena.dare #CP#. Originally posted on the HBO Forum.
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