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The Headshot Heard 'Round the World Contest

3 November 2010: Winners Posted!

The Setup

KontrolFreek makes controller enhancers. They want you to try 'em. We've tried 'em - they work. We want to help you get some without paying for them. Plus some other stuff. Cause free stuff is cool.

The Contest

We're looking for films of the best headshot kills in Reach you can come up with. Multiplayer, Campaign, Firefight - doesn't matter, as long as it makes people say "whoa". Find your clip, save it in Reach, upload it to your fileshare. Send us a link.

The Rules

Rules are simple, and pretty common-sense:

  • You can only enter once - once per gamertag, once per email address, once per person.

  • Your entry must be at most one minute long. (Shorter is perfectly acceptable.)

  • All entries must be uploaded to Bungie.net. Then you mail us the URL to the video clip. (If you email something other than a bungie.net URL, we will toss it. If you upload your video somewhere else, we will toss it. If you mail it do a bungie.org address different than 'contests', we will toss it. If you stick it on a flash drive and put it in an envelope and send it in via US mail, we will toss it - but we will first ridicule you on our front page. And we will keep the flash drive.) The URL should look like this:


    If it doesn't look like that, you're doing it wrong.

  • THE FIRST THIRTY ENTRIES WILL WIN A PACKAGE OF FPS FREEK LEGENDARYS. All entries, including those first thirty, are eligible for the higher-level prizes, of course.

  • All entries must be in by 9PM, PST, on Friday, October 22, 2010. (That gives you about a week and a half.)

  • Entries will be posted for public voting sometime after October 24.

  • Entrants will be competing for three prize bundles: 2 runner-up prizes of a Reach Controller with a package of FPS Freek Legendarys, and a grand prize of a Halo Reach console bundle with a package of FPS Freek Legendarys.

  • Final judgement is in the hands of HBO/KontrolFreek; if we find shenanigans in the voting process, we reserve the right to disqualify entries.

  • Per this news post, winners have one week to respond to contest correspondence; after that, the prize will be awarded to someone else. (If we can't find another suitable entry, we'll simply not award the prize.)

  • Prizes will be awarded directly by KontrolFreek, via UPS - in the event that you win, you will need to provide a mailing address.

Prizes are courtesy of KontrolFreek. Because they rock. Hassles involved with the contest are the responsibility of bungie.org. Because we love to deal with your problems.

The Finer Print

This next block was written for the first contest - and amazingly, there were STILL people who did what it says not to do. So I'm leaving the relevant paragraph.

This is the part I hate to write, because it makes me feel bad to think folks are too lazy to actually READ the rules to a contest they're entering... but I'm writing it because folks ARE too lazy, for the most part.

If you send your entry to a different email address (like lwu@bungie.org, or halo@bungie.org, or any OTHER address at bungie.org (well, other than contests@bungie.org), or any address at Bungie), or you post your entry on our forum and expect that to suffice as an entry... you ain't gonna win.