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Halo 2 Dialogue Snippets

Halo had over 5000 dialogue snippets in it - Halo 2 has 3 times that many. That doesn't stop dedicated fans from attempting to catalogue them all. Beginning on November 15, Captain Spark began sending in snippets from the game, collected with as little background noise as possible. As in the first game, we will accept submissions from anyone, with the same proviso we used for the Halo Dialogue Databank. And, as before, if someone submits a better version of an existing clip, we'll substitute it for the one we have - but the original submitter will retain credit. (This hasn't been a problem in the past - here's hoping it's not one in the future, either.) Subsections will be added as needed. Please mail submissions to halotalk@bungie.org.

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Snippets of sgt_cautious

Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Surrender - or surrender. Or die. Your choice. mp3 sgt_cautious 125K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
I'm sorry - is this war not working out for you? mp3 sgt_cautious 35K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
Friendly, sir. And by friendly I mean stop shooting me. mp3 sgt_cautious 96K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
Friendly - not enemy. FRIENDLY! mp3 sgt_cautious 68K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
Ow! Say it again - OW! mp3 sgt_cautious 69K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
Damn! I'm hit! mp3 sgt_cautious 43K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
Damn, Chief - come on! mp3 sgt_cautious 48K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
You're a font of information. mp3 sgt_cautious 72K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
Uh oh - get set, people. mp3 sgt_cautious 57K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
Long as we're standing here, might as well write my old lady. Cortana - you take dictation? Dear Mary, I miss you so much - STOP. Will be home soon - STOP. How is the dog? STOP. Have you learned to cook yet? STOP. Love, Sargeant. PS - I've met someone. Will be home soon for divorce. Bye-bye... PS - do you think I could take the dog? Maybe not. Think about it! Write back. - Got that, Cortana? mp3 sgt_cautious 479K 1/29/05 Cody Miller
Cortana? You take dictation? [clears throat] Dear Sue, I write this haiku for you. The river is wide, and I cain't step it. I love you, girl, and I cain't hep it. Cortana - is that 21 syllables? No - 17... 17 for a haiku. Sargeant out. mp3 sgt_cautious 315K 1/29/05 Cody Miller
War - huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'! Say it again now! War - huh! Yeah yeah yeah yeah, what is it good for, absolutely nothin'! Come on, sing it, man! War! It's nothin' but a heartbreaker! What is it good for, press the pause button! Idiot. mp3 sgt_cautious 259K 1/29/05 Cody Miller
[death shout] mp3 sgt_cautious 40K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
We got trouble! mp3 sgt_cautious 60K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
You hear that? mp3 sgt_cautious 62K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Hell, yeah! mp3 sgt_cautious 63K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Affirmative. mp3 sgt_cautious 64K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
I'll drive, thank you. mp3 sgt_cautious 65K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
How's that rubber taste? mp3 sgt_cautious 65K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
All set! mp3 sgt_cautious 65K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Incoming! mp3 sgt_cautious 67K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Grenade! mp3 sgt_cautious 70K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Hoppin' in! mp3 sgt_cautious 71K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
I'm ready! mp3 sgt_cautious 72K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Make room! mp3 sgt_cautious 73K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Pay attention, soldier! mp3 sgt_cautious 75K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
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1. All submissions are given with the knowledge that the clips are freely available for use in any OTHER fan creation - barring those that violate Bungie's copyrights, of course. If a submitter wants to limit how his clips can be used by others, we actually don't want them in the database. Submitters get full credit for extracting the sounds from the game - but relinquish all rights to the clips past that. This disclaimer is being added solely because we don't want fights to break out if a submitter isn't happy with the way his clip is used by another site visitor submitting, say, a Flash animation. If you think you will have trouble accepting the fact that others are using the clips to make fan creations for the community - don't submit.