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Halo 4 Cutscene Library

The Halo 4 cutscenes, unlike the pre-rendered Halo Anniversary cutscenes, appear in-game in surround sound - and that's how we're making them available to you. (Thanks, as always, to Cody Miller for his stellar recording services.) If you don't have a surround sound rig, these degrade nicely to normal stereo.

As of March, 2016, these are now available in 1080p max resolution, and 60fps (with a couple of exceptions).

You can view a streaming version of the cutscene by clicking on a thumbnail.

  Cutscene Name Downloads
1080p 720p 360p
Ending Ending
Chief is recovered by the Infinity. Lasky tries to connect with him, but does not succeed. 3:36 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
330.2mb 130.9mb 43.2mb

Right-click (option-click on a mac) to download.

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