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28 August 2013
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The Halo Bulletin: 8.28.13

08.28.2013 17:08

The Halo 4 Global Championship finals are fast approaching! For months, many members of the team have been heads-down planning the conclusion to our summer-long tournament. For the past week, I have spent the majority of my time arguing with bs angel about who I think will win the tournament. She has spent most of her time arguing back, and Quinn has spent most of his time playing Ricochet. In this week's Bulletin, we'll be talking about all of these things too, so get comfy.

Halo 4 Global Championship Finals

Halo 4 Global Championship Finals

The Halo 4 Global Championship Finals start this Friday, and we cannot wait for the competition to begin. Competitors are traveling from across the world to compete in the finals, and at the end of the weekend, only one will remain. If you'd like to get pumped about the Halo 4 Global Championship on Xbox LIVE, check out the trailer below. HYPE INCOMING!

This week on Waypoint we've been profiling the top four players from the RTX stopof the tournament. Click below to check out the finalist profiles page and learn more about each player. Keep an eye out for these names this weekend, and also for the 1st place RTX player profile tomorrow. Spoiler: It's Snip3down!

RTX Halo 4 Global Championship Winners

If you'd like to check out the Halo 4 Global Championship Finals online this weekend, stay tuned to HaloWaypoint.com on Friday morning for all of the details.

Lastly, PAX Prime attendees can come check out the action live from Benaroya Hall on Friday and Saturday during PAX show floor hours. For the Sunday finals, PAX badge holders and non-badge holders can begin lining up outside of Benaroya Hall at 1:30 pm to secure a spot in the audience.

Twitter Invite Winners

In last week's Bulletin, we announced that we'd be giving away some final spots in the Halo 4 Global Championship through our official Twitter account. We're happy to announce that the following players have been confirmed as competitors in the tournament!

We're super excited to see all of the competitors this weekend, and also to see who will take the title of Halo 4 Global Champion. Whether you'll be in the room or watching online, we hope you'll join us for the epic conclusion to the Halo 4 Global Championship.

Matchmaking Playlist Update

Halo 4 Matchmaking Update As mentioned previously, Ricochet is available exclusively in the Champions Bundle DLC playlist for a two week period. The Ricochet playlist will premiere once the next Matchmaking Update lands on Tuesday, September 3rd. We've seen that the game type has been quite popular in the Champions DLC playlist (okay, everyone is still voting for Ricochet), and we're looking forward to offering the mode across six different maps.

Here at 343, we've all got terrible memories of dribbling the ball the wrong way in 1st grade soccer, with a multitude of parents and teammates yelling "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY." In order to avoid resurfacing these memories, we've provided the following screenshots that display where the goals are located on each map. This way, nobody will yell at you.

Pitfall Pitfall

Pitfall's goals are located inside each base.

Monolith Monolith

Monolith's goals are located in front of each base.

Skyline Skyline

Skyline's goals are located inside each base.

Haven Haven

Haven's goals are located where the stairs meet the street.

Adrift Adrift

Adrift's goals are located at the small door-side landings.

Solace Solace

Solace's goals are built into the sides, with a wall placed behind.

Over the past few weeks, we've also been discussing consolidating playlists in an effort to optimize our Matchmaking experiences. On Tuesday, Legendary BRs will be offered in the third voting slot of the Infinity Slayer playlist, and the Legendary Slayer playlist will be removed. Additionally, we'll be offering a new game type in this playlist. Simply named Team Slayer, the variant focuses on a customizable Slayer experience without any personal or random ordnance.

Halo 4 Playlist Update

Team Slayer

  • Personal Loadouts (no restrictions)
  • Motion Tracker enabled
  • Initial Ordnance enabled, on resupply timers
  • Random, Personal Ordnance disabled

We hope that players enjoy this new game type, which will offer an alternative to Slayer Pro variant, allowing full Loadout customization yet removing factors such as Random and Personal Ordnance. Slayer Pro will no longer be available in the voting options, and Team Slayer will be available in the second voting slot. We look forward to hearing your feedback on both Team Slayer and Legendary BRs in the feedback thread. Additionally, Ricochet on Monolith as well as Infinity Slayer on Pitfall and Vertigo will be available in the Multi-Team playlist next week. Vertigo has also been added to SWAT, and Pitfall has been added to the Rumble Pit rotation.

In Spartan Ops, we'll be offering the following selection of missions.

Episode 6, Chapter 2: All the Secrets
Episode 6, Chapter 3: Need to Know
Episode 8, Chapter 4: Crystal Ball
Episode 10, Chapter 3: Seize the Power
Episode 10, Chapter 5: One Last Time

Halo: Spartan Assault Title Update

Halo Spartan Assault

Yesterday, we announced Operation Hydra, which is a new Title Update for Halo: Spartan Assault! The update will add:

  • Five all-new missions

    Mission F-1: Battle at the Arid Sea
    Location: Western Arid Sea

    Mission F-2: Breach of the Bulwark
    Location: Eastern Arid Ripple

    Mission F-3: Superstructure Assault
    Location: Super Structure Lightbridge

    Mission F-4: Infiltration of the Cistern
    Location: Cistern cave system

    Mission F-5: The Source
    Location: Heart of the Cistern

  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • New achievements
Archeology Complete Operation F 10 Points
Silvertip Destroy all Mega Turrets with the Grizzly tank in Operation F, Mission 2 10 Points
Tour of Duty Earn all Gold stars in Operation F 10 Points
Vidmaster Challenge 2.0 Complete Operation F, Mission 4 with the Blind and Thunderstorm Skulls active 15 Points
A for Effort Complete all Operation F mission challenges 5 Points
  • And more!

To check out more screenshots, head here. Operation Hydra will be available on August 29th, available free of charge to all who own Halo: Spartan Assault. There will be no Screenshot Spotlight this week, but the segment will return in next week's Bulletin. If you'll be at PAX this weekend, come say hi! If not, we welcome you to check out the stream online and join the conversation on Twitter by using the official tournament hashgtag, #Halo4GC.

We'll see you this weekend for the Halo 4 Global Championship finals, where one player will earn the right to call themselves the number one Halo 4 player on the globe!

Until then,