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The Modeler, Continued

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July 6, 2000

Covenant Energy Sword

He's back, and making models again! "I wanted to do something different with this one being it was such a simple model. I made a shot of me holding it as well for kicks..."

larger model

"The only prob I have with this model is the round base of the blade is too skinny when compared.

I just don't understand the logic behind this weapon...If you move your arm in the wrong way you end up cutting your own hand off?!? That's aliens for ya..."

Looks pretty close from here...

July 7, 2000

Human Anti-armor Rocket Launcher

He's on a roll... "It's a pretty complex model and took forever to render. Would have taken some odd hours to render a compare shot so that's why you don't get one for it. Instead I attached a jpg of how I think It works."

larger model
(This one's great... check out the damage on the barrel)

"After making the first few cylinders of the gun I realised there was no place to put ammo... A closer look of the marine firing it shows a dark blur with i think would be an Ideal place for the ammo insert. Since there is no underneath shots I had to go with that guess."

Ian included a drawing of how he thinks this gun actually works.

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