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The Modeler, Continued

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April 23, 2000

Covenant Pistol

Ian just sent along this model of the Covenant pistol. "Very close to the real one except for a crease in the lower part of the pistol...Don't know where it came from but it's there!"

larger model

The model doesn't have the tranlucency of the original, but other than that, it matches pretty closely to the original, as seen in this compare shot...

These models, this pistol one especially, give a very good sense of how the gun is used... sometimes difficult to see in the movies and screenshots we have now. Here's hoping he's right on target!

April 24, 2000

Covenant "Fuel Rod Gun"

This one is a bit funky. Most of the current views of this weapon don't show the horizontal rods that the early screenshots showed (you can see them in Ian's second compare shot). However, whether the early shots were just deceptive, or the actual model changed over the last several months, the fact remains, this model is gorgeous.

larger model

The second compare shot is grainy, but don't blame Ian. He's done a pretty impressive job with the tools at hand!

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