They're Random, Baby!

Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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Playstyles Part II

This is mostly to put things in perspective for you. When you are playing, you should try to strictly be NONE of these 5. Granted, you shouldn't ever be the one in any game; just know WHEN you are one, so you can stop. I gave them each animals for a few reasons:

  1. I have researched a bit about Shaolin and enjoyed it.
  2. It helps you remember
  3. It helps you realize what a fool you are being when you are one of these playstyles


Similar to the Hawk, but this is far from a bird of prey. The chicken will quite often stand up, out in the open, looking for enemies to fire upon. The tiny brain in this feathery fowl doesn't realize that it is in danger until it is fired upon. When bullets do go near it, the Chicken panics and runs to hide, only to go back to the same spot a few moments later.

They LOVE to grab the sniper rifle and hand it over to the enemy, and quite often will steal BRs in matchmaking games from more worthy teammates so that the Chicken will feel more secure.


The Pig is unique in the fact that it doesn't really excel at anything. It is generally the enemy team's MVP, because (as the name implies) Pigs are greedy fellows. They aren't happy to just have the sniper, or just have the RL, they have to have EVERYTHING they want. While it is sometimes agreeable that one person could have the sword/sniper or RL/BR, the Pig doesn't care for balance, skill, or teamwork. He wants to be the coolest member on the team, getting the most kills at the expense of leaving his teammates hung out to dry.

The pig will squeal and snort at his teammates when the final score comes up, and he has the most kills on his team. He will call his teammates noobs and idiots, and will not comment on the fact that he has just as many more deaths as he does kills. He will also grunt in disgust if someone even thinks about mentioning all the times he handed the enemy the rocket launcher and sniper both, because the Pig doesn't believe that it is his fault he died at all. If he had the RL/Sniper, he must have been overpowered by the enemy. He had no support, that must be it.


The Mule will sometimes be good, sometimes be bad, but his teamwork will always be poor. The Mule doesn't give out orders, nor does he abide by them. He does what he wants, when he wants it. If his team is leading, 49-46, but the enemy has all the power weapons, he'll ignore the cries of his teammates about how they should hold their ground. Instead, he rushes to the enemy repeatedly, and gives away his teammates position. He has good intentions, but it rarely works out. He's always doing his own thing, and he doesn't really mind hopping from team to team.


The Fish is a very special creature. It can do just about everything better in it's natural environment. However, out of that environment, it flounders and gasps.

There are many Fish on X-box Live. They will go to play MLG customs and want to only play TS on Lockout. They will go into matchmaking and say "If it was a different gametype I would have owned". They will complain and complain and complain, and it will generally be unjustified. What the Fish wants is his own map, his own gametype, all the time. Not because he wins on that, but because he loses on everything else.

The best thing to do with a Fish is just set him free where he wants to go, and then forget about him and never come back.


The Platypus is just plain weird. He's not necessarily bad, not necessarily good, but always unpredictable. He is often irritating to his teammates, as he screams or sings in his microphone and says random things. He carries on conversations throughout the game, and he will do oddball things like playing games with 0 bullets fired, or he'll use Needlers every chance he gets. He doesn't really care about winning or losing; his fun comes from playing with the people. The game doesn't matter, as long as he can irritate eveyone he comes across.

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