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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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Head to Head

I lost the first few head to head games I played, and I lost them because I played them like I play Rumble Pit Free for alls. Don't make my mistake.

  1. Priority Change

    Everyone always goes for the same four things: Rockets, Swords, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles. Always right off the bat.

    You either need to know how to get there the fastest, or you need to stalk the weapon in choice. That means if you are playing in lockout, and you don't start near the sword, dual wield your favorite pair and watch that sword from above. The moment you see him on your tracker, get ready to take him out. Just make sure you watch the weapon he will get, you can almost always guess which one it is. It changes from time to time and map to map, so remember that sometimes powerups (camo on warlock) or non-power weapons (plasma pistol on midship) are the main thing to go for.

  2. Hide and Seek

    In Head to Head, you are the hider, or the seeker. Whichever you are is determined by your score. When the game starts, you are both seekers. Your goal is to get one kill. That is all you need, one kill above your opponent.

    When you have that kill, DO NOT make yourself a target. Don't go hunting for him, let him come to you. Time is on your side. Some people might not like it, but this is the most effective way to win.

    (Note: Please do not sing the song "Time is on my side" while you are the "hider")

  3. A cloud of dust

    Grenades are not just offensive weapons anymore! They now create a wonderful cloud of dust, or a blue mist, depending on the grenade type. One of the worst things that can happen to you is to be pinned by superior weaponry. The sniper is just waiting for you, the rocketeer has an itchy trigger, whatever. Throw a grenade to cover your escape (don't jump, that negates the purpose). The dust cloud appearing there won't make you invincible, but it'll give you a bit more help, and when you are pinned down with nothing but an SMG, you need all the help you can get.

  4. Creature of Habit

    Do not be a creature of habit. Don't always snipe from the same spot, however awesome it is. Don't always go for the same weapons. Don't always move the same way.

  5. The unpopular kid is always the one with the guns

    When you are in the "hiding" occupation, many people have done the same thing, and that is to wait with dual SMGs or plasma pistol/magnum, whatever. Don't make that mistake! When you are in the "hiding" role, you want a sword, or a rocket launcher. Shotguns are okay, but swords and rocket launchers normally have a big enough fear factor to help you escape if you happen to somehow miss. You only need that one kill ahead.

  6. Cheshire Cat

    Your position should never be known to your opponent except when you make it. If you kill your opponent, and then your opponent comes back to that same spot and kills you, you made a mistake. Location, location, location. If you kill someone, immediately move, especially if you are the "hider". Take the weirdest spots ever. Sometimes the best places to hide are right out in the open.

Rumble Pit

I love this more than anything. :)

  1. WWMCD?

    Be able to, in a few seconds, to determine WHO you should fire at when you see a group of people. There's a sniper up top, two people with different dual wielding, someone throwing 'nades, and someone with a rocket launcher.

    Whoever is better to kill depends on the situation and personal playstyle, but here's a few things to consider, in order of importance:

    Shield level, Weapon, Rank, Playstyle, Whether you like their color or not

  2. Invasion of Privacy

    When you see two people, or three people, going at it, always try to get in the fray. Don't just sit back and throw grenades, throw a grenade then follow it!

  3. Privacy has been invaded

    If you are on the other side of the spectrum, and you are in a battle with someone else, only to be invaded by another character, you have only a few options. There are others, but they normally do not work.
    • First- Sticky grenade. Turn around and stick the guy behind you. He is almost always running in a straight line.
    • Second- Suicide. Throw frag grenades at the ground, and sometimes you get lucky and kill them too. I don't reccomend this, but sometimes it is useful.
    • Third- Ignore it. If the guy in front of you is a contender for that #1 spot, kill him. If you don't, he might kill you AND the guy behind you.
    • Fourth- Flee. Run around a corner and sit, hopefully they will pass you by. Or even better, start fighting and YOU can be the invader.

  4. Second best

    In Head to Head, everyone goes for the same top four weapons. This is also true in Rumble Pit. But in Rumble Pit, your odds of getting that weapon are very, very slim. If everyone goes for the same weapon, one person is going to get it, and then it'll be chaos, and not chaos in your favor. Learn a weapon or dual wielding combination that is easy to get, and get good with it. I personally prefer plasma pistol/SMG and PP/Magnum, but others have their favorites. Just get good with one.

  5. I could have been your daddy

    You ever get that ONE guy in a game, and just make him your personal target? I bet you got second.

    Don't go hunting. If someone is running away from you, and you can turn around and fight others, don't follow them for more than a few seconds. Don't go stalking. Aggression and precision are your friends. If you are following someone, chances are they'll drag it out for at least 30 seconds, and that is precious time.

  6. It's sticky, it's white, it's not sperm.

    Plasma grenades are the best weapon in the game, if you know how to use them. Practice. I'm serious. Have a custom game where your friends just line up at different distances, then sticky them. Then have them run like ducks, then sticky them. Once you get it to a reactionary practice, you are a legend.

  7. I have my name for a reason

    I have Overswarm for a reason. I am one of the few people in the world that can "swarm" being one man. You can learn to do the same. Swarming is a particular aspect of playstyle that I use, and have gotten quite good at.

    To "Swarm", you continually shorten your opponents territory, giving you more room to move, and him less. This can be done using explosives (grenades/rockets/specific objects), and more importantly, the terrain around you.

    When Swarming, NEVER jump, and always remember that if you are moving in a circle, you are making no progress in taking his territory. You want him moving backwards. Cut him off. Figure out your best ways to do it.Throw a grenade slightly behind him and rush forward, pinning him in. Make it to where he only has a few options as to where to move, and figure out in advance what they will do. Consider it like a game of chess.

Team Slayer

  1. Xenophobes not wanted

    Stay together! You start out with an SMG (normally), and you can't beat any other weapon combination EVER if the other person is of equal skill to you, unless you get lucky. If you all stay together, no matter what, you can take any one guy.

    This doesn't mean cluster. That is grenade fodder, and flak still hits you. Spread out, but stay in firing range of each other (use SMGS as a guide of range), so you can all help each other out.

  2. Greed kills

    Don't all go for the same weapon. One or two for the sword (two so if you meet an enemy, you can take him out easier), one or two for rockets, etc. etc. If you ALL go for the rocket launcher, you'll definately get it, but the enemy now has all the snipers and swords.

  3. Say what?

    Communicate! Headsets are sold in those nifty packages with Xbox Live kits for a REASON. Don't just use them to insult people or hit on women, communicate. Even short things, like "going for RL" or "Need a Gunner for hog" make a great deal of difference.

  4. The Buddy System

    In team games, have a buddy that you stick with, weapon-wise. You get plasma, he gets human. You get short range, he gets long range. Compensate for each others weaknesses. I don't know how many times I've gone dual plasma pistol and my roomate gone dual SMG (or used a BR when he could find one). I charge up both pistols, and when I see someone, shoot ONE plasma ball to take out their shields, then ignore him. I then recharge that pistol. That way, I can take out EVERYONE'S shields very quickly, and my roomate can quickly decimate them. (We tried using magnums, but there were not enough bullets to keep up the pace)

  5. Life Support System

    The loss of enemies does not compensate for the loss of friends. Do not run in with your whole team and have your whole team get blown to smithereens except for one guy and count it as a victory just because you came out one point ahead. That may be true in the last 30 seconds, but you will get MORE kills if you play to keep your team alive. Trust me.

    Play to keep your team alive (cover your "weapon buddy" is a system I use), and you will find that you will come out ahead. There will be that one hotshot that will always run at a group of 3 just because he has a sword. That group of 3 is always going to win, if you are half-competent. Try very, very hard to keep your group together in the largest number possible so that you will all survive.

    Try to think of it like this....

    4>1, 1<4

    Try to be the 4.


Keep in mind that a LOT of rules in Team Battles apply.

  1. Well how did THAT get there?

    Obstacles shouldn't be put places "accidently". Move vehicles and boxes in front of doors if you are on defense, but don't just sit them there. Damage them. then, when someone tries to get in it, you can easily take them out. Remember the ghosts big fuel tank!

  2. Frolick like a Rabbit

    Jump, throw the flag forward, run to it, grab it. Or, if your team is really coordinated, throw it to a teamate. When you have flag carrier on slow, this can be helpful to you AND confusing for the enemy.

  3. Gone in 60 seconds

    Learn the shortest route. Have a teamate stand there so you can jump on his head, and off to freedom. Use vehicles for getaway and for leaping. Grenade jump (partner throws). Be creative.

Oddball (team)

Oddball is one of my favorite matchups.

  1. The guy who is grabbing his balls doesn't have a hand to shoot with

    Keep that in mind. You have NO idea how many times I have seen the following scenario:

    Red team member and Blue team member both race towards the ball, blasting each other with their useless SMGs. The distance closes, the SMGs start doing more damage and hitting with greater accuracy. It looks close, but...

    Red team gets the ball first! Ha ha! Victory? No. BAM. Red guy dies. Blue guy gets ball, runs away.

    You don't want to have the ball FIRST, you want to have the ball LAST. If two people are contesting for the ball, the one who picks it up first loses (unless he kills the other guy first)

  2. First blood isn't as important as last blood.

    Remember how I said that everyone runs for the same few weapons? In oddball, everyone runs for the ball. It is sometimes better to NOT run for the ball, and give them their extra 20 seconds, and for your team to get the rocket launcher, sword, sniper, and shotgun. Then, you can waltz in a take the ball, and they have nothing to get it back with other than SMGs. Think ahead.

  3. Ball hog

    Who gets the ball? The guy with the worst aim. End of story. If you don't want the ball because you just sit there, then practice your aim and maybe someday you won't be stuck with it. But if you are the worst shot, you take the ball.

    There are some exceptions, such as when someone has an overshield, but all in all, the guy that gets the least kills take the ball. There are a few daredevils out there that can manuever with the ball really well, but it is still better to give the ball to someone who can't aim than to just hope you can run away from the enemy. (Make sure you drop good weapons before you take the ball)

  4. He isn't just a ventriloquist

    The guy with the ball gives the order. He may not be a good shot, but he's got eyes. You protect him with your life if need be. If he's running, you are a body shield. Don't say "NUH UH!" and argue with him; it is always more profitable to go along with him. Teamwork involves listening to what this guy has to say.

  5. Screaming at the wailing wall

    Watch what you say! If the enemy hears you talk, he knows where you are, even if you aren't on his motion tracker. That's dangerous for you! Keep your mouth shut unless you REALLY need to talk. One of the interesting quirks about oddball is that the enemy will rush towards where the ball is, and if you sit and wait, you won't appear on their motion tracker. Talking can ruin that surprise.

  6. Catch

    A neat trick I do a LOT when I am outnumbered and have the oddball is I drop it and then hide, keeping it in my sights.

    "But OS, that's dumb!"

    No, it's tricky. I don't do it unless there is quite a bit of time left for both sides, but I'm good with sticky nades, and because of that, I've taken out groups of 4 by myself when they all rush for the oddball. They will all come for the oddball, you'll see them coming, and then they get to glow for a moment before they explode.

  7. I spy

    Hide! If you have the ball, hide! Don't let things give you away, and don't sit by explosives.

Oddball (free for all)

Remember, almost all of the rules from my original oddball list apply, even though that was focusing on teams.

  1. Senseless violence is just that

    My biggest pet peeve in Rumble Oddball is when a player sees someone, and goes after them, shooting all the way. When they DO NOT HAVE THE BALL.

    Don't do that. That is a sign of someone with a brain covered with mold.

    Ignore everyone else unless they have something you WANT. If they are the player in the lead, kill them. If they have the sword and you want it, kill them. If they have the oddball, kill them.

    But if they're just running towards the ball with two SMG's, don't fire at them. It's only going to hurt you. If a large group of people arrive together to the ball, the ball will switch hands, and that is almost always better.

  2. Circular logic

    When you have the ball, find, at minimum, THREE points that you can move to that are near each other.


    In Lockout, stand on the left side of the blue beam (bottom floor), and face all three entrances. You can see anyone come in. If they do, you can go up the blue lift, and then stand on the ramp on the right. You can see anyone that can see you, and if someone comes up the lift or starts firing at you, you can drop off to the walkway. If they are still after you, you can go back to the left side of the blue beam.

    Left of blue beam, ramp on the right, walkway. Three points that go in a circle.

  3. Contemplating Suicide

    "Play Ball" is a happy phrase in Baseball. In Oddball, people scream out "DAMMIT!" when they hear it.

    If you are about to die, it is a good idea to jump off the edge, or face it so that when you die, the ball will fall. This gives you a few extra seconds, AND it prevents the enemy from taking the ball from you.

    Also, if you are killed and the ball falls, you know where the ball will be before anyone else does. You respawn in 3-5 seconds, and then you can go for the ball right after the spawn.

  4. Manipulative Manuevering

    When you KNOW you aren't going to keep the ball for very long (like, say, four people running after you), the best thing to do is to go right out in the open. When you die (and you will), the ball will be contested by every other player in the game. This way, no one player will get a lot of time on the ball. It's almost like the game is starting over.

  5. Chuck 'em

    In team play, throwing random grenades at the ball can be dangerous. In rumble, it's all good. Sometimes, you can even get lucky and kill the ball guy.

  6. Involuntary teamwork

    Sometimes, there's a guy with the ball who has a really large lead. You can't keep that ball away from him.

    When that happens, sometimes you need to stalk him, and wait for other players to come to aid you. It might be harder to get the ball yourself, but the ball will inevitably fall out of the leading players hands.

  7. Daredevil

    When playing maps like midship or lockout with oddball, a lot of people just hide in corners. There's a problem with that. While they can't SHOOT at you, they still know where you are.

    Instead, try standing next to cover, and watching for enemies coming. This way, you will know which direction to run.

    Also, sometimes you'll get lucky and the guy will be retarded and peck at you with a Battle Rifle, giving his position away completely.

    Just be very mindful of where the sniper rifle is.


Assault is no fun unless your team knows how to work together, and has done it before. So, this is pretty much a few points of advice for those that do NOT know their team.

  1. C'est la vie

    We all have the best laid plans go awry, it happens to the best of us. A well placed nade, rocket, or an excellent sniper on the other team, anything can stop you in your tracks.

    The biggest problem is when the guy with the ball has no teamates left, and tries to arm the bomb himself! Don't do that!

    When you are by yourself, hang out around the enemy base until your teamates can catch up to you; don't play hero.

  2. Restraining order

    Have you ever been arming the bomb, and then all of the sudden the enemy spawns back at the base and stops you? Do you know why he did that?

    Your teamates, elsewhere, killed that guy.

    Know when to kill the enemy. If the enemy is all at your base, but the bomb is in your teamates hands, and he is arming it.... don't kill anyone. That only gives the enemy an edge.

  3. My precioussss....

    Ever have that early lead with the bomb? 1-0, with only a minute gone? Feels good, don't it?

    Use it.

    Hide WAY off to the side with it, and don't arm it. Wait until the very end of the timer, or until your teamates secure the enemy base, THEN go. It's not very nice, but it is effective.

  4. $300 for Warthog with gun turret. Runs fine. Needs minor repair on windows and has very small amount of engine trouble.

    Don't blow up their vehicles..... damage them. If you are at their base, but they got the ball and managed to get away, stick around for a bit. Shoot up their 'hog, their ghosts, and their banshee. When they go to use them, they'll make for easy targets. Think ahead.

  5. Decoys first.

    The guy with the bomb goes in when the gunfire stops. There is no reason for him to go in immediately, it pays to be paitent. I don't know how mnay times my team could have scored if the guy with the ball could have just waited a few seconds.

Swords and Shields

Ever got this game type and thought... "I don't know what to do"? You shouldn't. There's plenty to do, if you think about it. Most of these rules apply to gametypes where there are only swords or only shotguns as well.

  1. Patience, grasshopper

    If you are running from the enemy, and think he has the advantage, you can hide behind a corner to assassinate him, if you are patient enough. If you realize that he is a better swordsman, you can hide and wait to get the first strike. If you become aware, through no pleasant terms, that he is a very good thrower of sticky grenades, you can hide on a ledge until you see yourself with an advantage.

    Patience is a virtue, because a cool head and calm nerves always wins out. Don't just rush out there looking for him, go very slow. Don't just run around corners without checking, and don't be afraid to pause by a corner if you think you are being followed.

    Also, be patient with your swings. A well placed swing kills the enemy in one hit, while bad swings can take several.

  2. The pointy end goes in the baddies.

    Know how to use a sword. If you don't know how, read my section in the weapons part.

  3. TAG!

    The pen may be mightier than the sword, but unless its a James Bond pen, it doesn't explode. Learn to use your sticky grenades well!

    If you aren't that competent of a swordsman, you can win by doing nothing BUT throwing sticky nades. Just throw, if you run out, run away. He can't shoot you from afar.

    Plus, sticky grenades are an insta-kill, and one that requires a lot of skill to do consecutively. Props to those who can match me in stickyness.

    Note: It is cool to yell "TAG!" when you hit them. You can almost imagine them sitting in their chairs on the other side of the world, doing the same thing Elites do in campagin :) "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaargh BLAM!"

  4. Blow stuff up.

    Turrets and fusion cores are some cool friggin things, if used properly. Throw frag nades at fusion cores when the enemy is near to get that extra "boost" you need to win.


This isn't a very difficult concept. Most of the things you need to know have already been listed under TS.

  1. Sniper

    The sniper is the ONLY power weapon out there now. That means you need to grab it, or you lose. Find a way to get it. If you don't have it, I strongly suggest just camping in one spot for as long as possible, picking off one kill every 5 minutes if need be.

  2. Co-ordinate

    Everyone has BRs. That means you can take 4 shots before you go down (save from sniper). If you see a bunch of enemies, there is no reason you and your buddy should go attack them all at once. One of you go out and throw a grenade, then back off while the other one goes in to get headshots. Then when he dies/your shield recharges, join the fray.

  3. Hit & Run

    Assists are common in this gametype. When you become under fire, try just shooting two or three times, then hiding and letting a teammate finish him off.

Double Team

Slightly Unique, slighty flawed, but you can sometimes have a good time with these kinds of games.

  1. The Big Guns

    Enemies are limited. That means if you manage to get sword/sniper/rocket/shotty, the enemy doesn't have it at all. Many call this cheap, but you do what you gotta. It's certainly not against the rules.

  2. Pitch a tent

    There's no reason to go looking for the enemy. The defense ALWAYS has the better advantage. Just find a good position, get some good weapons, and stay there for a while. You'll be fine.

  3. 1up

    In every battle, you and your teammate should be attacking together. Your goal is for at least ONE of you to be surviving after the enemy team dies. Spawns are determined by where your teammates are, and if one of you is alive at the end, not only are you a point up, but your teammate spawns closer. As long as you stay one ahead, you are good to go.

  4. Opposite ends

    Hide and Seek is a very common game played in Double Team. When one team has 25, and the other team has 20 and just lost the power weapons, hiding is not just common, it is smart.

    But what is even smarter than just hiding is hiding in two seperate locations. Imagine hiding on Turf. If one person hid by the warehouse, and the other hid on top of one of the buildings in the inner city, it would take quite a bit more time to be attacked even if the enemy knew where you were.

    This can frustrate the enemy, and since they will be travelling together, it makes it difficult for them to make good time. If they split up, you have the advantage since it is 1v1. It's win/win for the hiders.

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