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Halo 3: ODST Mythic (SLASO) Walkthrough by Daniel Morris

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Tayari Plaza

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

      Prepare to drop! Right into the heart of the misty slipspace residue left behind by Regret's sudden and unexpected jump to Delta Halo. Pretty colors! Tayari Plaza, though not an easy mission by Mythic standards, is a great way to get your feet wet in terms of the new style of combat you'll be facing against your enemies.
      You'll be encountering a lot of familiar faces hear such as Grunts, Jackals (both shielded and ranged), and Brutes. You'll also get to face off with one of the new guys at the close of the mission, but we'll get to that later. For now, we'll divide the mission into three parts:

  1. Phantom Encounter
  2. Sniper Tower
  3. The Plaza

Phantom Encounter:

      Right at the start, you'll be facing off with a Covenant Phantom dropping off several squads of Grunts and Brutes. Now before you whip out that pistol and get overly trigger happy, keep in mind that there are more baddies in this mission than there is available mid-ranged ammo. So we'll be doing a fair amount of skipping in order to compensate.
      So, first things first. Switch to your magnum, zero in, and cap roughly a dozen or so Grunts. To make it easier, shoot for the ones that are out in the open. When it starts taking more than two or three shots to bring one down (either because they're hiding well or fleeing) you'll know it's time to stop. Basically, here you're just looking to thin their ranks a bit. Once you've done that, jump down and head for the wall on the far left. Hug the wall, make your way behind the vehicles, and away from the initial Covenant onslaught. This is usually a pretty easy maneuver so long as one of the two Brutes isn't wielding a Brute shot, in which case things can get rather nasty. Thanks a lot, splash damage...
      Take a left into the alley, then another left where two Marines will be overjoyed to see you. Disappoint them by continuing to flee the scene. Who needs them anyway, right? Switch from the left wall to the right as you enter the next opening. A squad of Brutes will be casually patrolling the next area, and thanks to that special Space Monkey ADD, by the time they notice you're even there, it'll be too late for them to do anything about it. Run up the stairs past the Brutes, then back down the other side. Keep to the right. Ahead will be a turret manned by a Grunt. With careful aim (without stopping), gun down the Grunt and head up the stairs on the left. Grab one of the hemo packs, then head to the area with the sniper tower. The video below will give you a visual on how it's done.

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Sniper Tower:

      On the bright side, there aren't any Brutes in this area to deal with. Unfortunately, you'll have one Jackal Sniper and two of his carbine counterparts backed up by a squad of Grunts and Shielded Jackals.
      To put it rather bluntly, you won't be killing every enemy here. There just isn't enough ammo for it. Even if you had picked up the extra magnum ammo (which we didn't mention in this guide) and a Carbine from one of the Brutes, it still wouldn't have been enough. But you won't need it either. You just need to down a few key enemies and thin the lines out a bit.
      This sniper is obviously top priority here, so take him out first. He's located in the sniper tower just up ahead. Keep moving until you take him out just to be on the safe side. Though now it may take more than one beam shot to bring you down, it isn't overly difficult for him to land that follow up round. Don't take any chances. Once he's dead, head up the stairs to the upper level where height will be to your advantage. You should now have a much better view of the area and the enemies patrolling it. Look for the two Marksmen first and take them out. This will take care of the ranged Jackals. Now focus on the Grunts since their grenades are now your biggest threat. Everything else is optional. Obviously the more enemies that are dead the better, but it isn't necessary to kill so many.
      Once you feel you've decimated their ranks effectively, make the charge. Grab a plasma pistol along the way if you can, but keep your magnum. Also, there's a pair of hemo packs on the far right end off the walkway if you need one. Again, hug the left wall after you jump down and head for the blast doors on the other side. Use the magnum against any Grunts that stand directly in your path and the plasma pistol against the Jackals. Don't go out of your way to kill any of them though. Don't do anything that would cause you to stop. Remember, if you stop, you're dead.
      Activate the blast doors and immediately turn back around to face off any enemies that have caught up to you. Deal with them accordingly and head through the open blast doors like so...

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The Plaza:

      The last area of this mission can be a bit of a beast. You'll be faced with squads of Grunts and Brutes along with carefully placed Snipers and Marksmen. They've got you pinned down along with your Marine buddies. But wait... You're an ODST! The best of the best! Show them how you got your helljumper status.
      This can be a really fun battle and is one of my favorite encounters in the game. Lots of space to move around and a variety of enemies for you to conquer make this one of those skirmishes that can play out in a variety of ways. Your first stop will be small cache on the left. You'll have additional ammo for your magnum, a carbine, and two hemo packs (use them sparingly!).
      The doors to the left will give you access to a building corridor we'll be using as cover for most of the battle. Slip inside and use the door to deal with the ranged Jackals in the area. The closer ledges house the Marksmen, and the more distant perches host the deadlier Snipers. One will be straight ahead just to the right, and the others will be located on the far left, just out of view. The Marksmen on the other hand, will be quick to close in on your location, so be ready.
      When the ranged Jackals are dead, use the upper walkways to your advantage and start working on the enemies below. It should also be noted that the same building leads out to the ground level as well, so you can easily move back and forth to trick your enemies. Who you go after first depends on what they're armed with, which can vary in ODST. Brute shots and carbines are top priority, so grab a plasma pistol and start combo-killing the Brutes. Pick off the Grunts along the way. Remember, if you start running low on ammo or health, you can backtrack to the beginning of the area to grab more of either necessity.
      Again, there really isn't enough ammo to easily kill every enemy in the area, so concentrate on key enemies and thinning their ranks. Once you're satisfied, make the charge to the far end of the Plaza by hugging the far right wall. Throw grenades to force your enemies to dodge, and also keep an eye out for the plasma cannon on the far end. Attack whatever enemy is manning it. Hopefully it'll be a Grunt and will fall easily with a few pot shots from your magnum. Otherwise, you'll need to whip out that plasma pistol and combo-kill the Brute before he goes ape with that plasma cannon... yes, pun intended.
      When you reach the final run of the Plaza, the blast doors on the far end will open, and the Hunters will be given a booming introduction. You're about to meet the newest member to the Covenant family... the Gold Hunter. You may remember their Halo Combat Evolved counterparts wielding a pulse-based fuel rod gun. These guys are even deadlier, able to deal out an entire salvo a fuel rod rounds in a matter of seconds. Now, you could stay and fight, but this far into the mission, I'd recommend just bolting for the door. Jump and strafe along the way so you can dodge the blasts from the Hunter cannons. Once you're through the doors, dodge to your right, and the doors will close behind you.
      Don't worry. You'll be facing off with them again in future missions. For now, enjoy taking a stroll down easy street. It's a cake walk from here. Dead ahead is Dare's escape pod, and it's surrounded by helpless Grunts. Pop them one by one from a safe distance, and head down to the base of the courtyard for a rather uncanny surprise...

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