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Halo 3: ODST Mythic (SLASO) Walkthrough by Daniel Morris

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Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

      A lot of acronyms for such a short mission... Much like Uplift Reserve a fair portion of NMPD HQ can be a rat race. Except for the closing area, none of the battles actually need to be fought at all! Of course, that doesn't mean you necessarily have to take the easy way out. Whether you like to run and gun or whoop ET's ass, this mission provides a little something for everyone.
      The mission is divided into two parts mainly...

  1. Rooftop Rumble
  2. Pelican Battle

Rooftop Rumble

      You know all those Covenant we passed on the way up? Now we get to kill them... or not! Let the fun begin. As soon as the doors open, rush over to the left side of the area and pick off the Grunt in the turret. It helps if you can get a few of the Grunt stragglers as well, but don't let it slow you down. Head through the doors, grab a hemo, and enter the next area.
      Hug the left wall to avoid Covenant fire from the platforms above. Sneak behind the crate and up the stairs. Toss a grenade at the top level to further delay the Covenant's advance. Make your way to the other side and climb those stairs as well. This next bit can be a hit or miss scenario. At the top of the stairs will be several squads of Covenant made up of Grunts, Brutes, and ranged Jackals. I typically just run straight through them, dodging grenades when necessary, and jump over any baddies that get in my way. Slip through the doors and grab another hemo pack from the center of the room.
      Next you'll be dealing with snipers, but again, just keep your head low and don't stop for anything. As long as you're moving, they'll usually miss you entirely. Head through the door and to the left. Basically you're going from one overhang to the next. Then take a right and follow the wall down towards the next door. At this point, the two snipers on the balconies above shouldn't be a problem. The only one you'll have to worry about is the two on the bridge dead ahead. Again though, as long as you keep moving, they shouldn't be hitting you. The exit door again is on the left. Slide through it and grab another health pack if necessary.
      Yet again keep to the left and head for the stairs. At the top, a Grunt will be manning a plasma cannon. Tossing a grenade his way will usually get him to dismount. That will make it MUCH easier to take him out with a simple headshot from your magnum. Now turn left and go through the next door. A War Chieftain and his two bodyguards will be just beyond waiting to greet you. Be quick and jump past them and off the balcony. The grunts below will usually flip out and start running in circles. Ignore them and keep going.
      Head through the next pair of doors leading you back outside. Immediately deal with the two Jackal Snipers on the rooftop in front of you and quickly follow up by killing their Grunt companions and snatching a plasma pistol while you're at it. Now you should be able to hop onto the beam-bridge with ease and head down to the final area of the mission.
      Need a visual on how to repeat the process? Well, today is your lucky day!

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Pelican Battle:

      Timewise, this last area will take up most of your time in this mission. You can't really go anywhere at this point. All you can really do is hang back and help your ODST buddies take on the hordes of Covenant that are about to get the drop on your location. Don't worry. They're ALL invincible. Theoretically, if you had all day, you could let them do most if not all of the fighting for you, but for the sake of morale, let's help 'em out a bit, shall we?
      When you arrive, your comrades will already be engaged in battle with multiple Covie squads. Take them out as quickly as you can. Combo kill the Brutes and headshot the Grunts. Nothing overly unusual here. In fact, given that their attention should already be drawn elsewhere, it should be even simpler than usual.
      Once you've managed to help your buddies mop up the initial onslaught, the real fun is about to begin. You'll hear Marty queue up his rumble theme to get your blood boiling. Next, the skies will literally become filled with Phantoms and Banshees. Fortunately, you have a lot to work with here. Scattered around the busted Pelican are several missile pods, rocket launchers, and Spartan lasers. For the next several minutes, your job will be to help defend the rooftop against the waves upon waves of hostile air support. Try to keep at least one missile pod on its stand to grant you unlimited ammunition. Otherwise you'll find yourself in a bit of a pickle towards the latter portion of the battle. Your allies will assist you by calling out when and where the Phantoms are approaching. Taking down the Phantoms is a key factor, because if they get close enough, you'll have to deal with squads on the rooftop again, drawing your attention away from the polluted skies.
      When you hear the word "Chieftain!" you'll know you've reached the end of the mission. So at this point you can just sit back and watch the hammer-wielding monkey go ape!
      Below is a video displaying the first few minutes of this battle. Showing it in its entirety really isn't necessary, but if you're really curious, you can watch the remainder of it by checking out the rendered footage in my personal fileshare.

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