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Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough v2.0 by Daniel Morris

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Sierra 117 2.0

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

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    Sniper Alley! As the name suggests, you are about to hate the African Jungles very much. A few tips before we get started. The first is to realize that the forest contains both Marksmen and Snipers. Several of each are lurking in the trees, and their spawns may vary. For now, assume all Jackals are Snipers since they can one-shot you every time. Better to be safe than sorry. Also, a blue light means they know you're there. If they're shooting in your direction, jump back into cover for a few seconds and wait for them to lose interest before attempting to shoot back.
    That said, let's continue. Your Battle Rifle, due to its fearsome spread, will be your primary weapon here. As stated earlier, the spawns will vary each time, so the best way to pinpoint a Jackal's location is to let the Arbiter recklessly run ahead of you and draw enemy fire. This will give you the opportunity to view their locations. Remember, Snipers are TOP priority! When dealing with a Sniper, use the BR to go for the head. If you miss, and they turn to face you, duck back into cover. They'll shoot at you for a few seconds before giving up. Let them. Do NOT attempt to retaliate until after they've lost interest. It only takes one shot to send you back to start.
    I tend to make my way along the left-hand wall. The view seems to be better, and since Arbiter usually stays to the right, you'll stand a better chance at getting the jump on your oppressors while Arbiter is being shot from the trees.
    There's almost always at least one Sniper in the far back, so keep your eyes open. Remember, the second a blue light winks in your direction, that's your cue to take cover. The next video demonstrates how to snipe your way through the first section of Sniper Alley.

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    When you reach the small tree near the back, hold up. Usually a Marksman parks himself either up in the tree or just at the base. Behind him, at least two more Marksmen will be in position. One usually hangs out on a rock to the left, while the other stations himself further up on the right. The whopper, though, is the Sniper keenly hidden on a rock high up on the left that's hard to see due to the sunlight. That guy is your biggest threat as shown in the above video.
    Again, once you kill these guys, scout around for more ammo, hide a Beam Rifle or two, and return to the substation for more BR supplies if necessary. Now it's time to ramp up Part 2 of this fight. The next section is basically a big "U" with Marksmen and Snipers surrounding all available sides. Sneak up the hill on the right and check the area dead in front of you first. If you see any lights, lights out! Next check the ledge to your left. Usually there's at least one Sniper hanging around back there. Then move down the side and scope out the ledges on the opposite end of the area to the far right. Typically one or two Snipers chill on the ledge near the Phantom, so take them out. On the tree closest to you, there will also usually be one or two Marksmen. One will be able to hit you from his current location, while his buddy to scouting around on the other side of the tree. Take them out, and I don't mean to dinner and a movie.

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    It's time, now, to focus on the enemies on the left edge of the U; usually one or two captains and a few Grunts. Use the Carbine for the Grunts, then backtrack and grab a Beam Rifle for the Brutes. This area is a bit tight for safely pulling off any trick shots, but fortunately roughly 3 shots from the Beam Rifle will kill their armor, leaving them vulnerable to headshots. When you've killed as many foes as you can from your current vantage point, again fill up on ammo, grab your Carbine and BR, and jump down.


    I consider this area to be one of the most hear-pounding sections of the mission. You're in a strict, confined area of space with little place to hide and enemies coming at you from nearly every direction, usually from up above. First thing's first. kill the enemies that are already in place on the ground. A cluster of Grunts will usually be chilling around the Phantom, so pop out, take a few shots with your Carbine, and duck back into cover. Rinse and repeat until the Grunts are either dead, or the survivors have retreated to an area just out of view. If there are any Brute Captains remaining, make use of any Plasma Pistols you see laying on the ground, and do the ol' combo-kill to dispose of them.
    If you're fortunate enough to have the Phantom get stuck in the area (which happens on rare occasions), you can actually kill the Chieftain hanging off the side and take his Invincibility. Invincibility > Bubble Shield! Since this doesn't happen most of the time, though, I wouldn't even worry about it. Instead, focus on the lone tree centered in the area. A Marksman will be parked up there just waiting for you to take a few steps out into the open. Let's not disappoint him, and give him what he has coming.
    Keep to the far wall and make your way around until you can see the group of enemies protecting the downed Pelican. You may or may not encounter an additional Marksman on the ledge above them here as well, but if you do, you should know how to handle him at this point. Mop up the enemies here, and set up camp at the Pelican.

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    This will be your main combat zone from here until the Dam. You can safely range shoot the Brutes, and are also far enough away from the mainland that you have plenty of time to see Grunts and Jackals approaching from afar. This is the safest place to be at this point. Stock up on BR ammo and wait for the enemy to approach. Arbiter will often times join in on the fun by charging the area just up the hill near the bridge. Let him. Back him up by popping any Grunts you see. Often times, he'll deal with the Jackals himself. Whatever's left can be dealt with via any grenades you happen to be carrying or by simple plasma-punching. You can either choose to range-shoot the Brutes, or get close up and combo-kill them. At this point, it'll come down to what you feel most comfortable with doing.

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    Before heading off to the Dam, make sure your Battle Rifle is fully loaded, and grab a couple of Plasma Pistols too. Things are about to get messy...


    As soon as the cutscene ends, head down through the cave and rush the lower level of the bridge. The biggest risk you'll be facing on your way down come from the two Snipers located on the other side of the dam, but once you're underneath, they shouldn't be a problem for you. At this point, you'll need to get behind on of the section columns and poke your head out from time to time in both directions. At some point, usually a few Grunts from either way will be hobbling down there after you, so ready that Battle Rifle. If they start throwing grenades, just back into cover. They usually overshoot their target anyway, so they should be a good distance from you when they detonate. If the Chieftain should find his way down there at any point during the battle, simply let him charge, lunge, then side-step, turn, and assassinate. Easy.
    Your initial charge will cause the Arbiter to engage the enemies on the entry side of the dam. Help him pick a few off and in no time, that side will be completely clear. this is a much faster way of clearing that area than parking yourself on the very first ledge with a pile of juggled weapons.
    Backtrack to that first area and mop up any stragglers. Then use the basement door to pop out and shoot the two Jackal Snipers on the other side of the dam. One will be located on the furthest and highest ledge, while the other will be stationed on top of the roof of Johnson's prison.
    At this point, the near side should be yours. Now you can patiently sit back and deal with the enemies on the bridge. Nothing new here. Either trick-shot, or combo-kill the Captains, and deal with the Grunts in the standard manner. There will be at least two Marksmen on the other side as well. A few BR bursts will cure this disease.
    If you run out of BR ammo, there's a crate of Carbines on the bridge, and of course there's the additional ammo left by the four dead Marksmen as well. Use this technique to make your way to the other side of the dam and eliminate all foes present. You should be limited to a few Grunts and shielded Jackals. Once you're in the clear, it's time to free Johnson. Here's how you conjure up your own prison break.

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    The second the barrier falls, collect any needed ammo from the nearby Carbine crate and book it for the lower level of the bridge once again. You'll be safe there, and at the same time, you'll encourage your troops to move forward into battle. Chaos will ensue as grenade spam from both sides will nearly level the bridge, but it won't take long for everyone to die and the Pelican to swoop in to save the say. Once it does, exit the bridge via the original entry side, scan the area for any stragglers, and deal with them as necessary. Lastly, board the Pelican and call it a day. Fortunately for you, you will NEVER have to deal with that many snipers in this game ever again!

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