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Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough v2.0 by Daniel Morris

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Crow's Nest 2.0

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

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    Hit the switch, charge both Plasma Pistols, and tag at least two of the Brutes around the next bend. Try to save the Marine too if you can. He'll lend a helping hand by lobbing an endless supply of grenades at your foes. Combo-kill the closest Brutes and let the others retreat. Once done, head up the ladder on the left and deal with the Shielded Jackals on the second floor, thereby giving you two more Plasma Pistols for later. Next you'll want to drop back down to ground level and either clip-shoot or range-shoot the Brutes on the opposite end. Take your time and aim carefully. Making every plasma-charge count will keep things easy for this section.

    Advance to the showers once the Brutes are dead and begin using the same technique on the next set of Brutes. Try to make the Captain (Brute Shot) a priority, followed by the two Brutes wielding Carbines. After enough of their comrades have been offed, the survivors will retreat and chill with the War Chieftain in the final stretch.
    Your best bet here is to flank your enemy while the Arbiter and Marines serve as a meaty distraction. Open the unlocked door on the right wall and use the path as a means to get closer to the Brutes. When they become well aware of your little game, retreat back into the main hall and wait for them to refocus on your allies. Rinse and repeat. Again, make any remaining Carbine Brutes priority. Also, be aware of the two Shielded Jackals patrolling on the catwalks above. Oftentimes, your Marines will 'nade them to death.
    By the time you're down to the War Chieftain, hopefully you'll still have one or two Marines left along with a very aggressive Arbiter. The deal with this guy is his weapon makes him one of the most formidable enemies in the game. Closing the distance to pull off a melee tango can be rather difficult since he can fire the Plasma Cannon at minimum range and won't hesitate to do so. There are two ways to go about killing him. The first and best choice in this case would be to let your allies do the work for you. It shouldn't take long between the grenades and constant energy sword slashing for him to fall. However, if your AI buddies aren't around, the second best way to do this is to sneak up to him as close as you can, hit him with a Plasma Pistol overcharge, and run around behind him to land the assassination while he's stunned. Of course, if he happens to put his back to you at some point during the battle, feel free to take him out early. One thing you DON'T want to do, though, is try to assassinate him while your Marines are chucking grenades. Bear in mind that their eyes will be 100% focused on the Chieftain, and they could care less about you.
    The following video demonstrates how this should play out...

    Prepare for the next fight by gathering two Plasma Rifles coupled with either your BR or a Carbine (preferably the former). Then exit the barracks and make your way to the elevator.


    Got your Deployable Cover? Check. The Plasma Rifles and BR? Check. This next bit needs to be finely timed, so get ready to exit the elevator the second it opens. Remember: do not stop for ANYTHING!
    The second those doors open, rush the Pelican. Jump on top of the crate and onto the Pelican's nose. Again, if you don't do this quickly, it will take off without you. Assuming you made it, allow the Pelican to airlift you until you reach the top of the watchtower. Jump over to the watchtower's roof, grab one of the Active Camos inside, and immediately book it down the hall until you reach the locked door. Drop your Deployable Cover in front of the door and rush back up to the watchtower.
    Alright, here's what you need to understand about this battle before proceeding any further. The concept is that you'll be fighting 3 separate waves of Jump-Jet Brutes. The first will be in progress when you enter the landing pad, the second will emerge from the watchtower, and the third will bust out from the locked door on ground level. If you've been following my directions so far, you should be able to eliminate waves 2 & 3 completely.
    When you get back up to the watchtower, wait just outside the door leading into the corridor. The Arbiter can usually handle the first wave on his own. If fact, if you aren't quick enough, he'll kill enough enemies from wave 1 to spawn wave 2 before you're able to return to the watch tower. Hopefully this won't be the case. If you wait for a minute or two and wave 1 is still around, use the windows from the watchtower and your plasma rifles to decimate the Brutes' armor. Promptly follow up with headshots to insure their destruction. When you hear activity coming from behind you (or see them if you were able to wait it out at the corridor entry), activate your camo and assassinate as many of them as you can. You should be able to get them all, but make Brute Shots and Carbines your priority just in case. If any happen to make it down alive, simply pepper them with plasma from your safe spot in the watchtower.
    Wave 3 will spawn soon and won't be an issue at all. With the Deployable Cover blocking their path, they won't even attempt to attack you. Just assassinate them at your own pace without fear of retaliation. Even if the other Brutes notice you, they won't attack. The only thing you need to watch out for here is the Cowbell skull's effects. You don't want to inadvertently cause all of those scattered Spike Grenades to detonate. Check out the video below to see how it should all go down.

    Killing every last Brute will trigger another Pelican to drop down from above and deal with the Drones that emerge from the opposite bay door. Take this opportunity to regenerate your shields with the watchtower Regenerator if need be and grab the remaining camo before exiting the area.

Part 7

    Great. The Ops Center has been captured by the Covenant and they want you to rectify the situation by backtracking through the Motor Pool. Let's not waste any time in the matter and start hoofing it through the tunnels.
    The first enemy you'll encounter is a Grunt mounting a Plasma Cannon (and no, not in that way...). Headshot him, and note the ammo crate near his location. It'll have some extra BR ammo on either side, among other things.
    A pair of Jackals will assault your location. Personally, I enjoy lobbing a few frags their way, and headshotting the ones that stumble. As you continue to advance, you'll see another Grunt manning a second Plasma Cannon. You know the routine. Oftentimes, though, killing this guy will trigger another Grunt to attempt to take his place giving you an effortless kill. I find it amusing that three plus Grunts can die on that thing in a row, and yet for some odd reason it never occurs to those that follow that maybe leaving it alone might be a slightly better idea.
    In either case, once you've had your fun outwitting the Grunts, use the wall and crates as a means of cover while you continue to dish out the death to the Grunts and Jackals in the final stretch of hallway. There will be a pair of manned Plasma Cannons at the opposite end, and unlike the last two guys, these have a far better chance at causing some real damage, so watch your head.
    Beyond those guys, the Motor Pool will also have two additional Plasma Cannons at the ready; one on either side. Take them out from a distance. Venturing too far ahead may get you sniped by one of the two Snipers on the upper level. I tend to deal with them the same way I took out the Marksmen earlier in the mission. Use one of the crates for cover, and carefully peek out until one of them is in sight. Headshot = dead sniper. Do the same to his buddy and you will have earned yourself a temporary safe haven.

    Grab a Plasma Pistol from one of your downed foes, retrieve extra BR ammo if there's any left, and proceed through the door towards the Ops Center.

Part 8

    Welcome back to the Ops Center. This is what happens to Marines that refuse to fight... Your enemies here are composed of four Grunts, three Brutes, and a Fuel Rod Cannon-toting War Chieftain to lead the way. When you first enter the room, they'll all be distracted by the Prophet of Truth on the screen. Take advantage of the opportunity by blindsiding the enemy. Try and stick the Brutes for a fast and easy elimination. Even if you can't get them the first time, it should be pretty easy to follow up with a combo kill. Then you'll want to retreat back into the doorway and kill the Grunts as they frantically scramble up the stairs. Watch out, though, for those sticky 'nades!
    With the Grunts and closest Brutes gone, you'll now be on offense. The Chieftain will remain downstairs, and the Brute Minor will hang out in back with the Plasma Cannon. Range-shoot the latter.
    The Chieftain will be a bit trickier. You can opt to use the camo if you really find it necessary, but keep in mind that even when cloaked he can still see you. He won't shoot, but he'll keep turning to face your direction. You're much better off just closing the distance and landing that assassination via a quick and easy melee dance. Since he's using a heavy weapon, the distance is far more forgiving since the closer you are, the less likely he is to shoot. For a more visual demonstration, check out the following video.

    Now flip the switch on the bomb and retreat back to the level where you first entered. Get ready to make your escape!


    The Crow's Nest is ripping itself apart, and now you have only a few minutes to make your dashing escape. Four Grunts will infiltrate the Ops Center from the downstairs door. You should be relatively safe from behind the fenced-shelves, so headshot them as soon as you see their ugly faces.
    Head downstairs and peek through the door. The next room will contain two Marksmen and several scrambling Grunts. If you want, you can hang back and pick them all off. Or you could just make a mad dash to the right and head up to the exit. Be sure to take out the Marksmen along the way. They'll spawn at the top level but may meander down to the ground floor. Exit the cave room and enter another corridor. You should know the route at this point since this is the initial path you took to get to the Hangar.
    When you reach the tunnel, hang back for a sec and let the Drones and Grunts race by. If you want to help yourself out a bit, headshot a few of the Grunts, and throw a sticky down for the Drones. The concussion from the blast will kill a number of them. Note that killing the Drones isn't actually necessary at all, but the Grunts will hang back on the other side of the tunnel and wait for you to emerge.
    The second you enter the tunnel, book it towards the back to avoid the initial Grunt grenade spam. Then peek out and take out the Grunts one by one. From there, carefully make your way towards the exit via the doorway on the left. Watch out for any Grunts that might be hiding behind the debris.
    Don't worry about the next little mini-tunnel. Though there were Marksmen patrolling it your last time through, this time it will be empty.
    Enter the Hangar. The Grunts should be distracted at this point, but the Jackals may take notice of your presence. At this point, activate your camo and make a mad dash for the elevator (and don't forget to hit the button!). Once you've hit the switch, you're safe. This next video shows you how the breakout should go from start to finish...

    Now, despite your fiery descent, you can finally breathe easy. The second hardest mission in the game is behind you at last and you are now a grand master of space ape genocide.

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