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1:44 am | May 28, 2004
What the heck are you doing back here, Bill, and what the heck are you talking about?

Mr. Bill
12:21 am | May 3, 2004
Sir Basil Liddel Hart: The Real War.

:- P
5:15 pm | March 20, 2002
Oh, well. Thats nice to know...
5:15 am | March 17, 2002
The last person to go under my wing passed out from the smell. Seriously.
6:56 am | March 16, 2002
Take me under your wing as a writer. Seriously.
3:02 am | March 14, 2002
Thanks for the crticuqe on my work. I read "What Legends May Fall" when it showed up and I liked it. Nice quote for the top. And about that guys Barnes & Nobles comment. Not a bad idea. Lol. Keep puttin' out the stories V. -Joshua
11:19 pm | March 13, 2002
Great job as usual. Keep 'em coming.
2:30 am | March 13, 2002
"Well, see, it's kind of round, about 15 degrees, pretty large..."

:) Hmm... glad you mentioned that. Things like this do happen - you get so attached to something you keep using it, and don't even notice.

Thanks... I'll take a look.

2:30 pm | March 12, 2002
Great story. You have a good sense of detail and the writing is quite professional. You either read a lot or are a natural writer... you also seem fond of your characters 'describing an arc'. Well, that's what it seems from reading some of your other stories. Nice work, carry on!
2:17 am | March 12, 2002

Gimme a break. I put out multiple stories in less than a month's time. That's some kind of record for me :)

Anyway, by the time I finish those damned Chronicles, they WILL be a novel :)

11:37 pm | March 11, 2002
So vec, when can we look forward to seeing your works in places such as Barnes and Nobles. I will be disapointed if I don't see a couple novels in the next few years ;). Great job, get back to work on those Hawk Chronicles though.
6:42 pm | March 11, 2002
Two hours? You were, I dare say, lucky.

I'm almost afraid what's going to happen when I take that sucker in two years. Probably they'll forget where the door is. Or if there even is one.

Oh, well. Tarsk is what came to mind. Consider yourself honored :)

6:11 pm | March 11, 2002
Very well done, had me on the edge of my seat!
6:33 am | March 11, 2002
Heh... I'm taking classes at U.C. Berkeley at the moment. Took the SATs at Berkeley High once, interesting place. Although we were delayed for a good two hours.Awesome fanfiction. I liked the split perspectives; it reminded me of Ender's Game and works just as well here as it did there.I must ask, though... what in God's name inspired you to name the Covenant homeworld "Tarsk"?! :(
6:18 am | March 11, 2002

::checks tag on left wrist::

"See Other Wrist"

::checks right wrist::

Berkeley, California, an... interesting place. Apropos of that, I attend Berkeley High School, which is at least twice as interesting if not quite as intelligent.

5:06 am | March 11, 2002
Where do you live, and where do you go to school?
3:49 am | March 11, 2002
Pretty sure. Not positive, though - you should ask me in about a year :)
3:49 am | March 11, 2002
Thought I'd return the favor. Awesome, well done. I know there seemed to be a lot that was left out, but it seems that was intentional. Very mysterious and entertaining. Are u sure ur 14?