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Comments for 'Homeworlds III'

12:16 am | September 4, 2003
This whole series is awsome. 10/10, All i ask is for some comments on my storie, Spartan III's
8:45 pm | September 3, 2003
Always ready to lend my good buddies Grif and Tucker mah help.
3:02 am | September 3, 2003
Good story. Im a little disappointed that no one else caught the RvB part tho. "This aint no ice cream social, ladies." Wow...good times with RvB (Well, that sounded SO wrong.)
10:21 pm | September 2, 2003
Good story,9/10.
9:50 pm | September 2, 2003
[indent]BTW this is my first FanFic I have started. Shay's Rebellion was a quicky thing I made while trying to tide over until I could find this one. So any help you may have would be excellent.
-The Mgt.
8:24 pm | September 2, 2003
Oh, alright.

There will probly be more ppl to comment on it later.
8:09 pm | September 2, 2003
You didn't advertise anywhere, I was jsut telling you that's not the way to get comments, it just pisses most poeple off...
7:48 pm | September 2, 2003
It took out the cheesy effect i was going for. Well, disregard that last statement.

Sorry to anyone who's story I may have advertised on (don't remember doing it, may not have).
7:39 pm | September 2, 2003
Sorry I can't comment on anything but your lack of comments... All i can say is don't go advertise your fanfics in other people's comments sections and don't post near weekedns. Submit your stuff on wendsday and you get more face time because people write on the weekends.
7:33 pm | September 2, 2003
So no one has a comment?
7:33 pm | September 2, 2003
Oh yea, and stay tuned for the next exciting episode of . Where and are on their way to to . It promises to be one helluva ride.