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Comments for 'Execution of the Mind: The Flood Virus'

2:22 am | June 2, 2004
Yeah, it's hard to hear to his cheerful voice over the thunder of a M90 Shotgun :)
7:24 am | May 30, 2004
Well the whole talk about spores and mutateing of dna you get all that info from 343 guilty spark (the monitor/ flying thing) and while your in the libary fighting off the flood he yaps on about how geuinies the floods way of takeing a host and yaps on about spores and mutation couldnt here it all since i was trying not to die. but if you have time play that level and listen to it all.
12:00 am | May 3, 2004
Yeti was referring to how the infection forms insert their tentacles into the spinal chord of their victims, essentially taking the place of the victim's brain as the head of the nervous system. This way, they can completely take control of the victim's body. (This is the mistake I made writing this one. At that time, I was not aware of how they took over). And Akyho, we were both right in terms of how the Flood actually changes their victims. Even though the infection forms take over the bodies, they still release some form of virus into the bloodstream of the victim, causing mutations in DNA, which in turn cause the tentacles, sensory apendages, and even the pushing back of the head of Elites to get it out of the way for more sensory appendages.
8:27 pm | May 1, 2004
Uhh going by the game (not fully undertsanding the things here)but the elites do turn because if you look at there feet the bigger ones here similer to elite. also you can see the head of the lite fused to the shoulder and looking at the back. unkless yous knew this and are talking about somthing completly diffrent.
2:12 am | February 23, 2004
Oh, and it would be impossible for the mutations of the Flood to take place merely through the infection forms literally taking control of their hosts' central nervous systems. There must be some sort of virus that it released into the bloodstream of the victim in order for the genetic makeup of the host to be so dramatically altered. From that, I can safely say that the Flood do inject a DNA or RNA virus into their hosts as well, which integrate themselves in the DNA of various body cells, essentially changing the DNA. So, at least part of my story idea was correct.
5:50 pm | January 26, 2004
When I wrote this story (check the date) I had no idea that an Elite could not turn into a Flood combat form. Recently, I read Halo: The Flood, and updated my facts in my newest story (The Darkness: An Elite's Tale). I merely inferred that since it was a virus that it could be spread like normal viruses.
5:37 am | January 26, 2004
um, well any one who has checked out a website that has much info on it, will realise that the elite can NOT turn into the flood because the spore/infection flood has to stay in the body of the victem to control it. (DUH) otherwise in the game every time you were wounded by a flood spore you would turm into a flood, and that doesnt happen right? Of course it doesn't. so basicly, going by the info on flood on the internet, the elite wont mutate into a flood. so please, reseach your facts first
2:39 am | December 24, 2003
cmon make your next story!!
4:14 am | September 6, 2003
hehehe, thanks Alec. You always find some way to make me laugh. A wild roller coaster ride?
Bob Dole (the pimp)
3:41 am | September 6, 2003
Bob Dole says: A wild roller coaster ride that doesn't stop.
6:54 am | August 17, 2003
no problem:)
12:12 am | August 17, 2003
Oh, that was you, crashedwarthog? I'm flattered, guys, I really am.
6:45 pm | August 14, 2003
9:12 am | August 14, 2003
newayz i'll say it again ur a kikass writer! 11/10
9:09 am | August 14, 2003
wat the hell? that madjackal post was my post! therez sum weird stuff goin on around here........
11:24 am | August 13, 2003
Exactly, WOW.
9:43 pm | August 12, 2003
Wow. No, wait. Make that WOW in all caps. Like your first one, this was a very well written story.
11:02 am | August 12, 2003
thanks for making your name all lowercase so that people can tell the difference between your posts and my posts, madjackal. Glad you guys liked it.
5:56 pm | August 11, 2003
Nice Jackal it sounds a lot like my story the virus but its awesome love how you explained how it took over great story! 10/10
6:05 am | August 11, 2003
great story man! i liked it heapz! ur a kikass writer! 11/10:)
1:32 am | August 11, 2003
Also, in my first story, The Furious Hatred, you will notice that the main character's last name is Daksiratt and he is an Elite. I think that the endings of their last names reflect the region that they were born and/or raised in. Not to sure about that, but hey, that's why its called fan fiction, right?
12:07 am | August 11, 2003
Glad you guys liked it. To answer Swede's question, I don't think all Elites have 'ee' at the end of their last names. I'm not sure, but I think most Elites from different parts of their planet(s) have different endings to their last names.
8:29 pm | August 10, 2003
Great story... I have read many on this board, and this was one of the first to have a truly eerie chill to it... keep up the good work! (and write another)
6:27 pm | August 10, 2003
Great story! But wouldn't the elite have a last name that ends with an '-ee' ? Something like Sorrka Lorta'kkee?
Da Mann
6:25 pm | August 10, 2003
Alpha Lance
5:56 pm | August 10, 2003
9/10 That was great.
5:20 pm | August 10, 2003
9/10 I loke the way you used the new ships in the story.
Lord Revan
2:09 pm | August 10, 2003
Very cool.