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The crash: through the eyes of a grunt.
Posted By: Zak<Supercrap125@netscape.net>
Date: 1 June 2004, 8:51 PM

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White sun filled Grawgaw's half opened eyes. For a brief moment, he wondered where he was, but then it all flooded back to him: The smoke that filled the two compartments of the dropship, the high pitched yelping of his squad mates as the pilot said over the radio "May the Profits bless this craft, and all who are aboard it, and may th-" that's all he said before a spark burst from the control panel and small shards of metal tore his head apart. And then the subsequent, and inevitable, crash of the badly damaged dropship. Grawgaw's stood and shook all the bodies that had not been ether burnt, or ripped apart by the crash. graw gaw was crushed, when he came open the final, though, most important (at lest from his point of view) body...his squadmate, and best friend, Langlis. He turned, and tried to gather his thoughts... they were headed to Halo, to gather artifacts, but just before they got on the dropship...humans appeared in a ship...and they were sent down to defend the ring from the humans, in case they were to land...they loaded onto the dropship...then they took
Off...a human fighter..Belived to be called a "Longsword", attacked the dropship...they tried to fight back, but having nothing but a small turret, they disengaged and tried to make a run for the ring.... then there was a huge explosion..And they lost power to the engines...and they just dropped to the ring...Grawgaw's sighed...his whole squad gone...no food....just a pistol and a ...a hand rested on his shoulder, "GAH!!" Grawgaw yelped. "its just me grawgaw, dont be scared." Much to grawgaws amazment, it was Langlis who stood, or leand, behind him "Langlis! your ok!" gawgaw squeeled in excitement. "yes yes, aside from a few bruses, i'm fine." he said, noticably trying to hide that he was really hurt. Langlis was an expert with a grendade, a pitty he didnt have one. He caried a needler and a pistol he must have gotten from the pilot, judging by the symbols on the back of it. Langlis turned to Grawgaw and whispered "come on...lets get out of here!" and so they did.

an Hour later, the two came opon a small structor, big enough to fit the whole squad...had they been alive...the two walked in and set up camp. they then seald all the openings and, from a bunch of things salvaged from the dropship, made the structor airtight within 2 hours.they then created a small airlock, and then pumped the room full of supercooled methane. and removed thier armor to dry, the water fom the rivers was so plentifull they couldent help themselves from taking a swim.grawgaw layed down on one of the mats that was salvaged from the wrecked craft, and smiled, though his squad was gone, and his life put in so much danger, he was happy. he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Grawgaw awoke and opend the airlock. he put on his armor and closed the inside door, he pumped all the methand into the room, and then opened the door, he stepped outside, and saw Langlis lyeing on the ground, he ran up to him, then heard a series of clickes. he turned to see 5 Human Mariens aiming their wepons at him. Langlin was hog tied, as was Grawgaw, and then they were trown into the back of a Human vehicle, a "Warthag" and driven to the day old crash. they were unloaded and untied, but put under guard as the human squad checked the sight, Grawgaw told them what had happend after a human spoke, and his translation gear whisperd in his earpice, in his language, what the human had said. grawgaw started to tell what had happend, and the translation mechinisam in his breathing apparatis turned his words, into human words. the human nodded as the grunt spoke. and then they were tied up again, looder this time, and driven to a waiting human transport ship, their equilavent of the covenent dropship. and flown to a human base. There, they were put in a room, and questiond over and over. then they were left with some food. Food sounded good to grawgaw, he turned to Langlis, he shrugged and took a big bite of the stuff on the floor. It tasted good, and he was very hungry, so he ate, and ate.... and ate, 'till he fell asleep.

he woke up to a human in a yellow uniform, he knew the human, his name was Jeff, that's what he told him, he was here today to ask the grunt more questions. he didnt like questions, but he was fine with it, the humans fed heim, gave him a room and took good care of him and his friend, so, he didnt mind. he was cooprative, as usual, so was Langlis. they were allowed to walk around, though there were tracking devices everywhere on them, they didnt mind. They looked at eachother and smiled. being cooprative had its advantages.