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Comments for 'The crash: through the eyes of a grunt.'

The NEW Zak
8:18 pm | June 6, 2004
I'm not impersonating you, I just didn't know you were writing stories
Zak (the real zak)
11:15 am | June 6, 2004
this is my first and only story here....sorry bout the spelling, it was basicly 11:00 when i wrote it...and if u see the guy writing the "cpl barns and cpl smith" thats not me, its someone impersonating me!!

sorry bout the title thing...i thought it felt familiar when it popped into my head
Nick Kang
10:01 am | June 5, 2004
Ya know what...
If the System Administrators don't give us passwords, I will find a way to stab all those who impersonate me over the internet. 'Cause that wasn't me.

Nick Kang
9:00 pm | June 4, 2004
Im writing a new story that everyone will like. its called i hate my life. IM GONNA KILL MYSELF BECAUSE MY LIFE SUCKS AND THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS ME FROM GOING INASANE IS THIS FAN FIC SECTION!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick Kang
7:37 pm | June 4, 2004
Ah, god. Another impersonator.

5:26 am | June 4, 2004
Hey, who wrote I was Gay? Cos it wasn't me!
10:28 pm | June 2, 2004
im gay too
10:26 pm | June 2, 2004
you're gay
9:05 pm | June 2, 2004
This story is a little rusty. You had multiple spelling, grammer, and punctuation errors. It was hard to read becuase you did not comepletely use the code or put spaces between paragraphs. The story line was average, and I found most of it uninteresting. When you write, make sure you're headed somewhere (and you just may be, but unclear thus so far) so the reader has something to look forward to.

Oh yeah, you tittle was a little...familiar
3:07 pm | June 2, 2004
I agree with BansheeBoy. It does need more detail and some more action though.
2:29 pm | June 2, 2004
You stole my title! I'm writing the through the eyes of a grunt series
12:11 pm | June 2, 2004
THere's a good plotline here, but spelling needs help...