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Athenians-II Chapter 6: Battle for M-2568 Part 2
Posted By: ZackDark<ftalves@uninet.com.br>
Date: 11 February 2004, 5:17 PM

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Carl "Shade" Dark. Sniper expert. My older brother. He likes to use silencers and 20x zoom capable scopes on his snipers rifles. Cold blooded and quick at the shot.

Watt "Boulder" Heinz. Heavy weapons. He's the team back-up. SMGs and Rocket Launchers are his favorite weapons. Big and strong.

Peter "Rock" Heinz. Heavy weapons. Watt's identical twin. Same likes and dislikes. Big and strong.

Robert "Grip" Johnson. Grabbing weapons expert. His guns are modified to carry tow cables. Fast and agile.

Dan "Number 6" Merton. Mechanic. He's best pilot and mechanic I know. Smart and precise.

Juliet "Rainbow" Starwer. Background expert. She likes to stay out of the real action. She only does the transport and support missions.

I'm Zack Dark. All-techniques. Squad leader.

We are the Athenians-II, a special soldier division trained to assist the Spartans-II. We use ÉNDJÀs battle suits that are similar to the MJOLNIR suits.


When we finally reached the main exit, from where thousands of Scorpions, Pumas, Rocket Hogs, Gauss Hogs and Troop Hogs made their way out of the camp, we saw our real situation. The Covenants were at five kilometers from our camp and their base was at least twelve kilometers from ours. We had to cross the battlefield, the Covenants that were coming from their base and the ones inside the base in order to blow up their city-sized base.

We did all we could do now. Race ahead and kick some Covenant butt.


A Ghost came straight to me shooting. The shields took the hits and when the Ghost was close enough I slammed it to my right I in a hard back-handed arm swing. It went spinning into the air and blew up when it crashed in mid-air with a Wraith tank, which exploded into bits after a missile I sent after hitting the Ghost.

A group of Grunts and red armored Elites came to close to me and were burned a burst of my flamethrower.

I could see the Golems doing their ground cracking stomps to break any nearby opponent into bits of flesh and metal.

Cap'n'Hook was hooking Banshees and Seraphs and "kindly landing" them on Covenants ground troops and/or vehicles.

6's Gauss rounds were blowing any threat bigger than Grunt.

LAAG's sniper precision-like Gauss shots were taking out Ghosts a kilometer away.

Golem I's missiles were blowing the Covenant dropships; while Golem II's heavy machine gun was covering him from anything that tried to attack them.

With our help the humans were able to take the battlefield to half the way to the Covenant base and to set some booby traps for the Covenant that would be able to pass us.

Plasma mortars were falling like rain all around me and getting closer. The mortars were coming from far away.

"Shade, take the Wraiths at my 9 for me." I ordered him.

"Roger." He replied as Gauss rounds raced through the battlefield to the Wraiths.

Suddenly a fuel rod blob hit me. I turned to the source, ready to blow it up when I saw it. A two meters tall purple metal egg with legs and armed arms. A Covenant version of the EPU.

It shot me another fuel rod blob. I evaded and shot a missile. He evaded too and shot stream of purple crystal needles. There was no way to evade them. A Warthog exploded behind me with the fuel rod blob and a Shadow was reduced to bits with my missile. I ran away from the Covenant EPU making sure the needles were behind me. I turned 180 degrees and waited for the needles to stick with my EPU and then sped up. The Covenant EPU tried to run away from me but its anti-gravitation pods took too much time to turn on. I hugged it and the needles blew up. We were both sent flying to opposite directions. My shields were down and I was sure the other was too.

"Fire." I said over the COM.

A stream of white smoke connected with the Covenant EPU and it blew to orbit. Pieces of scorched metal flew in every each direction. I was on my back from the needle explosion. Shade gave me a hand and lifted me up to my EPU's feet. I checked the status of it. It was a step from falling apart.

"Shade, you've got the strongest EPU. Take mine to the base for repairs and come back to battle." I ordered him.

"Sir, yes, sir." He replied.

I looked around me. We managed to advance a kilometer more. There were corpses all around me. I managed to gather a MA5B Assault Rifle and ammo enough for eleven clips and a new S3 Sniper Rifle. It had a clip of six bullets, a zoom of 15x and an A-S attaching port that is used to attach the sniper with any weapon to use its zoom to assist the shooting of the other weapon.

I looked at the battlefield with the sniper.

Lots of Covenants got surprised as their teammates fell to my sniper shots from nowhere.

Suddenly I got a blast from my 6 and my shields discharged, triggering the annoying alarm.

I looked back and saw a Brute ready to knock me to unconscious. I shot my MA5B at point blank range.

He howled in pain and gave me a hard punch on my chest, which sent me flying away, but not before I attached a plasma grenade on him. When he realized it he prayed for his painless death, then the grenade exploded.

I checked my armor status. The chest section of my ÉNDJÀ was ruined and the helmet had too much cracks for a simple repair.

A part of the Covenant base exploded but a Covenant cruiser landed at least a million Engineers into the base and at least a thousand of dropships full of Covenant warrior. That vaporized all my hopes.

"General, this is Squad Leader Shadow. I'm afraid you didn't see it but a cruiser just entered normal space and sent reinforcements to the Covenant. I suggest you ask for reinforcements too. And fast." I said over the COM to the base.

"Squad Leader Shadow, call a retreat. We're going to bomb the base with a salvo of nuclear bombs." He answered.

"Negative, sir. The E.M.P. could disable our defenses, giving the remaining Covenant a chance to gather all that plasma my team found within the planet and escape. I believe that if they manage to do that, they will be able to reproduce plasma and destroy all the humanity."

"You're right, Squad Leader. Is your team ready to a lone assault?"

"No, sir. My suit is badly damaged and I believe the rest of the team is pretty tired."

"I'll call for reinforcements. Meanwhile I want you and your team back to the base."

"Sir, yes, sir!!! Athenians, we've got a temp retreat. Back to base ASAP."

"Sir, yes, sir!!!" They all said.

"We'll meet at this location." I placed a NAV point on me." Rainbow will pick us there and retrieve us to the base."

Their acknowledgement lights blinked.

They came one by one. We had to squeeze ourselves into the Pelican for the EPUs to enter. When we finally fitted in, we raced to the base.

It was now a small landed frigate, named The Seagull, with lots of Harpias/C landed around it. There were more turrets and other buildings scattered around the base. Now it looked like a military town.

The others left their EPUs in a mechanic and we all entered the frigate. General Barkingson was waiting for us at his office. He told us a little surprise was waiting for us at The Seagull's lab.

We all entered the lift that led straight for the lab.