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Athenienses-II: Chapter 3 : Assault Part 2
Posted By: ZackDark<ftalves@uninet.com.br>
Date: 3 January 2004, 4:29 AM

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Carl "Shade" Dark. Sniper expert. My older brother. He likes to use silencers and 20x scopes on his snipers. Cold blooded and quick at the shot.

Watt "Boulder" Heinz. Heavy weapons. He's the team back-up. SMGs and Rocket Launchers are his favorite weapons. Big and strong.

Peter "Stone" Heinz. Heavy weapons. Watt's identical twin. Same likes and dislikes. Big and strong.

Robert "Grip" Johnson. Grabbing weapons expert. His guns are modified to carry lots of ropes with grips in the end of them. Fast and agile.

Dan "Number 6" Merton. Mechanic. He's best pilot and mechanic I know. Smart and precise.

Juliet "Rainbow" Starwer. Background expert. She likes to stay out of the real action. She only does the transport and support missions.

I'm Zack Dark. All-techniques. Squad leader.

We are the Athenians-II, a special soldier division trained to assist the Spartans-II. We use ÉNDJÀs battle suits that are similar to the MJOLNIR suits.


The Covenants were too coward to shoot at us, just because we had a plasma rifle pointed to the Prophet's head.
They didn't even interfere us when we planted an explosive in the reactor. They even offered us an escape pod. But suddenly the Prophet, as fast as sound, pressed the rifle's trigger, killing himself. Let's say that the Covenants got a "little" mad.
The Hunters charged their cannons, the Jackals charged their pistols and the Elites prepared their rifles. A heartbeat later, a plasma tsunami was coming in our direction.
We took ours plasma grenades and...


We took ours plasma grenades and throw them just a few meters in front of us. When the plasma grenades blew up, the plasma shots were detoured from their direction, giving us some time.

We used this time very well by entering the escape pod and getting the hell out of that ship.

Two minutes later a huge flash of light announced the nuclear explosion.

We realized that there were only five Covenant ships and they were retreating, but a few thousands of Covenants giant dropships were heading to the planet M-2568 surface.

"A ground assault." I thought out loud. "Very smart. But not smart enough."

I made a little redirection in the pod's trajectory; it was now going to crash with one of the dropships at 100 meters from the ground. Actually, with the biggest dropship that might be able to carry a hundred blood thirsty warriors.

"Athenians, set your hydraulics to the max power!" I barked to them. "We are jumping!"

I opened the side hatch and we prepared to jump. We were 50 meters from the dropship and closing in. Rock jumped. 40 meters. Boulder jumped. 30 meters. Grip jumped. 25 meters. Number 6. 20 meters. Shade. 10 meters. I jumped. The pod crashed with the dropship just on the engine. The dropship started to fall. It passed me, Shade, Number 6, Grip, Boulder, but it crashed on Rock.

"NO!!!" Boulder cried.

When the dropship was almost touching the ground, Rock jumped out of its front. As the dropship crashed on the ground a hundred Elites could be heard roaring until the death silenced them. Our time to scream was coming.

"Prepare for impact!!!" I shouted at the INTERCOM.

We "stand up" in the air and rolled at the same millisecond we touched the ground. The roll lowered the crash pressure and the ÉNDJÀ battle suit almost nullified it.

Some of us were able to do a perfect roll, but Grip did a trembling roll and fell on his back, but he was OK. Rock was injured from his crash with the dropship so he did half a roll and broke his left leg.

"Are you Ok, bro?" Boulder asked.

"Hey, I'm an Athenian! A broken leg shouldn't bother me." Rock answered.

Boulder connected his brother's suit with his own, making sure that Rock would be able to cover his six without falling to the ground before the Covenant shot at him.

We headed trough the vast native jungle to the general location of the plasma tanks' valley.

Number 6 was leading us. Suddenly he lifted his hand, fist-closed. He opened the 5 fingers of that hand and made a beak-like shell in front of his helmet. A band of Jackals. We prepared ours assaults and battles rifles attaching silencers to them. The twins did the same with theirs SMGs. A faint orange light could be seen trough the jungle. A band of elites Jackals. And closing in. We hid our selves behind the trees. The orange light was coming closer and closer. When I saw the tip of a plasma shield rising from the tree beside me, I gave the attack signal. Three inaudible shots tored trough each of the Jackals throat, not giving them even the time to wonder what had killed them.

We continued to walk, with no further intermissions, except for a group or two of red armored Elites and Grunts. Nothing to worry about.

We reached the valley, just in time to see dozens of Grunts running out of the cave that kept the plasma tanks. A few seconds after the last Grunt ran out, the ground shake for a split second and a huge smoke cloud exploded out of the cave, indicating the explosion.

"No. It's all lost. The technology that could win the war for us. It's all gone." Shade said feeling both anger for the Covenant and sadness for Earth.

"Or win the war for them." Said Grip, wisely.

"One thing is for sure. These bastards are paying for that mess!" Said Boulder.

"Hell, yeah!!!" Replied Rock.

"Let's kick some Covie ass, people!!!"