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Comments for 'Athenienses-II: Chapter 3 : Assault Part 2'

4:45 pm | January 5, 2004
yeah, not bad, although you have some guy, don't remember his name, as a "grabbing weapons expert". yeah, sure. that's not a military specialty, and that's kinda stupid. yeah, i bet he has a bunch of ropes and such, but it just struck me as only this word can describe: retarded. and the spelling, punctuation, and grammar could use work as well.
All in all, about a 5/10,
Blue Dude
5:03 am | January 4, 2004
Make it a lil longer with some action if u ran into sum red elites and grunts it would be atleast some combat
3:24 pm | January 3, 2004
Good story, describes the scenes well, and keeps me attached to the screen. Too attached maybe, because I didn't like to see that it was that short.