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Creation: Part 1
Posted By: Zack Hodges<Icechain55@aol.com>
Date: 1 July 2003, 9:16 AM

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Seven constructs of death in the heavens. Created by sapian life in the time before time. Ten kilometers thick, ten thousand kilometers in diameter. The ultimate weapons of 'total' destruction and creation alike.
The old Universe is ravaged by war among billions strong races. One race has the power. The power to destroy.
Galaxies are falling. Living Environments are no longer discovered, they are created. Among the millions of new creations, are 7 weapons. Thousands of years in the making. Disguised as giant ring worlds, the last of the civillian colonies call these habitats home. Little do they know that their very fate lies in the survival of these worlds.
The war is near. Fate turns to prayer. Prayer turns to hopelessness. The very creatures who created these worlds have found that it is time to use one.
Three reactors on one of the great rings are activated. A form of sunlike light forms in the center, and expands at galactic speeds. One by one each and every star in the universe experiences a supernova as it's system of planets is destroyed in an instant. Every species ever known is wiped out in less than an hour. After all this, the universe implodes, leaving the other six superweapons scattered across empty space.

Over the next billions upon billions of years, the ringworlds will remain silent, still, yet active. Remnants of the old universe slowly start to create a new one. Beginning with a planet. Threashold. Then soon new galaxies are created, thousands of them.
The planet Threashold is unique. It slowly begins to pull the closest ring world to it. It's galaxy is in spiral form, spinning towards it's future at a slow rate. The planet is a gas giant composed of a liquid sulfer core and a nitrogen atmosphere. Threashold evolves into a solid gas giant with a spinning sulfer core, an iron mantle, a soiled crust, and a red nitrogen atmosphere.
Over time comets begin circling the planet's star system. A fragment from one of the comets, strikes the crust of the ancient ring world scattering large pieces of it's alien soil down to the gasseous lands of Threashold. The strange soil introduces new minerals into the planet's barely fertile land. Years pass and the new soil covers the globe, the beginning of plant life is the universe's newest addition to it's otherwise boring short history.

Millions of years of evolution take place. The plants, which were the first living creatures known to the universe, now share their planet with a form of bacteria. Over time the bacteria grows until it can no longer be classified as such. The new beings have four appendages, their bodys are held up by a form of cartilage. Extremely adaptable to almost any environment, the new supreme-beings conquer their world in a matter of centuries, calling themselves 'The Forerunner'. They form religions and a series of finely assembled governments.
Within two-thousand years their technology finally reaches a point where it can no longer be controlled by the living creatures themselves. The Forerunner create artificial intelligence systems (AI's) capable of fixing machinery and activating computerized programs.
With their AIs to calculate time, distance, and probability of survival, the species sets out to conquer the inevitable...Space. Their first target of exploration is of course the giant ring, visable from the surface of Threashold.
They first build small rockets, with a hot burning fuel, capable of matching the speed of sound. As their knowledge of the subject grows, so does their ambition. They build seven ships that can reach the ring. Each holding one hundered passengers and crew members. It takes two hours to get to the new world.
Once there, the crew find themselves awestruck at the sights they see. The terrain is soft, with small green plants sticking inches out of the soil. The atmosphere is Oxygen based, and there is a cool liquid ocean stretching into the curvature of the ring. The temperature is warm, maybe eighty-six degrees. The crew collects samples of the water, plants, and atmosphere, before traveling back to their home-world.
Years of studying and hundreds of trips back to the ring teach the Forerunner of it's existance. Inside the ring are millions of square miles of living space. The Forerunner colonize the ring and name it... Halo.
With it's colonization, Halo is finely decorated with symbols and patterns of the Species who call it home. The Forerunner learn how to control Halo's weather and orbit, making it possible for a sixteen hour day and a sixteen hour night. They also learn of the weapon the beautiful ringworld hides.
They develop an AI strictly for the ring, meant to hover and teleport from place to place. They even named the AI. '343 Guiltey Spark'. The AI is in the shape of a monitor, or rounded cube. Meant to withstand even the harshest environments, the monitor can repair a crack in the rings hull, by remote. Or go into space and fix the problem himself.
Based on ambition, just as his creators are, the monitor creates his own program. One which enables him to learn. He learns of his history, how to interpretate writing and symbols, and above all...how to reason.