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Comments for 'Creation: Part 1'

9:48 pm | July 7, 2003
9:36 pm | July 5, 2003
hey guys. i wrote this story, and ive decided to give a little background info to answer some of your questions. the reason why they think that the forerunner created halo, was because there are no symbols of the original creators on anything. when the forerunner inhabited the ring they wrote their symbols and writings on it. just thought ide give you some insight.
1:48 am | July 3, 2003
i probly sound like a geek or sumthing but i have always been interested in finding out stuff about the forerunner. Even if this isn't accurate to how it really happened, it still explains alot. Great story cant wait 4 part 2. 9/10.
3:07 pm | July 2, 2003
This was a great explination oh HALO...you should keep writing more because i'm looking forward to reading more...:)

James Kinsella
2:13 am | July 2, 2003
Been a while, but I'm finally commenting. It was an incredible explanation full of inspiration, except for one thing; Forerunner created Halo. Other than that bit it was an awesome story.
12:30 am | July 2, 2003
Amazing that they too used degrees lol. Beyond that small thing very nice story.
12:00 am | July 2, 2003
Cool story, 9/10, but didn't the Forerunner create HALO? As Cortana says in the cutscene at the end of AotCR.