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Defection: Part 1
Posted By: Zach Laskaris<JoJo@yahoo.com>
Date: 29 August 2003, 6:26 PM

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"Hold the right flank!' roared Toolmeth, the Elite, as the human Scorpian tank bore down on their position in the ruined forerunner fortifacation on the human colony Clutch, an ancient Forerunner world. "With what!?" yelled Xreetu the grunt shrilly, as he dove for cover behind a rock " we've got nothing but plasma pistols over here!"
" just shoot already!"
bullet and plasma struck through the air at an alarming rate, and several grunts went down. "we won't last much longer like this" yelled Aarzanz, the groups hunter warrior," the Northern facility has collapsed to human forces;we're alone now,Toolm, and we've got nowhere to run!" at that instant, a voice came over the transitter: "hold on, Air support is on it's way." with that, a couple of Dropships washed over the fray covered by several Banshees. "Yeeaaa!" came a voice over the receiver Toolmeth knew it was his friend Ulanf, the Banshee pilot. Toolmeth smiled. the dropships landed fresh troops in the area and took Toolmeth and his men bach to the Avenger of Life, their command craft. on the the way home, Toolmet heard Xreetu tell his friends Vidnat and Szcono how he took on and stopped the Scorpian tank at the battle. Cwozo the Jackal crooned, the Jackal way of a laugh. As they docked with the Avenger and got out he saw a Grunt Mechanic talking to his friend about something, and heard snippets:
" they'll get what they deserve,they will,"
"yup, I'm gonna watch upfront at the execution"
"What execution?" Toolmeth stepped in, "of the Human captives" said one of the grunts enthusiastacly. By order of Prophet Tenorr"
these words hit Toolmeth like a brick wall, or, a titanium one. he ws a devout follower of the Coventry, but the murder of defensless sentient beings who had done nothing but protect their homes? it was too much for him, he didn't care what it cost him, but he would stop this no matter what. Later that night, as the halls darkened, a lone shadow stalked the corridors of the Covonent cruiser. However, another shadow followed it, just out of sight. Toolmeth strode up to the grunts gaurding the holding cells: they were asleep he knocked them out with the flick of a wrist and entered. "wha-" some bleary-eyed Marines said as they woke up one by one."who the hell are you!!?" "a sympithizer." Said Toolmeth hurriedly, powering down the cells." we've got to go now"
"in a hurry, I see" Toolmeth spun around. Cwozo was standing there, slouching agaisnt a wall. Several Marines put up their fists, the ones whohad picked up weapons, or had stowed some with aimed them at him. "Don't worry," Cwozo said to Toolmeth, "I came to help."
"You did?" Cwozo smiled "yep, me and the rest of our gang." as the door opened and Xreetu, Vidnat, Szcono,Aarzanz, and Ulanf entered carrying weapons fot the human troops. "Alright, let's do it" said a Marine, "yes" smiled Toolmeth, "Lets" the group burst out of the detention block, taking out gaurds as they went."Hurry" said Aarzanz, "or they'll sound- "he was cut off by a peircing siren that reverbrated through the ship"-the alarm" he finished lamely.the fighting was intense, and soon Marines began to fall. "We can't win" Xreetu said to Toolmeth "we'll never make it!" suddenly Toolmeth noticed something: the Weapons research Dept. he went for it " were are you going?!" shouted Ulanf. "Just go" yelled Toolmeth as the door opened, Toolmeth spun and locked it, looked around, and saw the lab abanonded. Releived, he looked around. at first he thought it was empty, except for one thing, Toolmeth picked it up. It looked like a Human Shotgun, except for strange glowing Domes and fins covered it making it look like a plasma pistol was stuck were the trigger was and had 'infected' the rest of it. Next to it were glowing orbs, the orbs fit smoothly into the weapon, and he collected more. Just as he shouldered it the door blew down, and 2 Marines stood there "c'mon" one yelled waving at him, and he followed. as they entered the docks, Toolmeth saw a waiting dropship being pummeled by covenent weapons. as he and the Marines races to the ship, a Golden Elite charged them Toolmeth spun around,whipped out the strange weapon and fired. a stupendous blast of a hundred tiny glowing needles rammed into the Elite, knocking his chin up, and blowing him back severa feet as he landed with a wet Smack! the Marines looked awestruck but there was no time Toolmeth jumped aboard, along with the Marines, and flew off into the black night