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The Lost Colony Part One: Severed Contact
Posted By: xitWOUND117<ChikenDevil@aol.com>
Date: 22 August 2003, 1:48 AM

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2040 Hours, August 17, 2525 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Vostok, docked with repair station Haven, near Chi Ceti 4

      Captain Eric Paveroz turned to Lieutenant Sarah Merenda at the Ops station. "How is the resupply going?" he asked her. "Complete, sir. The faulty primary coolant system has been replaced and the Archer ordinance is resupplied. The dockmaster is pulling his team out now, sir," replied the Lieutenant. "Very well. Lieutenant Baxter, get us clear of the Haven and steer a course to the asteroid field," said Captain Paveroz. "Yes sir," answered Lieutenant Stephen Baxter from the Nav station. The Captain reread his orders on his data pad.

      United Nations Space Command BETA PRIORITY TRANSMISSION 09826Y-82
      Encryption Code: Blue
      Public Key: file/piratex/direnti/
      From: Admiral Michael Stanforth, Commanding Officer, UNSC Odin/UNSC Sector Three Commander (UNSC Service Number:
      To: Captain Eric Paveroz, Commanding Officer, UNSC Vostok/ (UNSC Service Number: 92804-19863-RP)
      Subject: PIRATE DIRENTI
      Classification: Classified (BGX Directive)

      /start file/
      Captain Paveroz, the pirate ship Warlord, piloted by William Direnti, is believed to be hiding in the asteroid field near Chi Ceti 4.
      Find Direnti and kill him.

      Admiral Stanforth
      /end file/

      The UNSC had been trying to track down the infamous pirate Direnti for months, but no trace of him could be found. Now it was Captain Paveroz's job to find the scumbag and kill him. "With pleasure," the Captain muttered to himself. He took a look around the bridge.
      Lieutenant Merenda was at the Ops station. She was a tall, dark haired woman, her face continually grim. Lieutenant Baxter was a blonde, and tall, but that was usually hidden by his determination to slouch in his chair.
      Lieutenant Robert Watiro, at the Comm station, was a short, plump man, who seemed to be always nervous about something. Watiro's eyes darted occasionally over to the Captain, as if he was checking to make sure he was still there.
      Operating the weapons station was Lieutenant John Imriak, who was rather short and thin, but sat rigidly upright.
      "Lieutenant, are you picking up anything unusual in the asteroid field?" Captain Paveroz asked Merenda. "No sir, not-wait...There is a frigate coming out of the field, sir. It's not UNSC, the ID code is two years old. Besides, it's got "Warlord" painted on it's sides, sir," replied the Lieutenant. "Good. Lieutenant Imriak remove all weapon safety locks. Charge the MAC gun and arm Archer pods A1-A7. Fire Archer missiles as soon as you have a targeting solution." "Yes sir!" said Lieutenant Imriak.
      A few thuds could be heard throughout the hull as the Archer missiles were fired. "Imriak, get a targeting solution for the MAC gun and fire on my mark," ordered the Captain. Paveroz watched through the monitor at his station as the Warlord turned to face the Vostok. The Archer missiles streaked towards the Warlord and impacted on it's port side, crumpling the armor and, in several section, breaking through, sending atmosphere streaming out into space.
      "Mark!" said the Captain. "Firing, aye," answered the Lieutenant. There was a rumble and a loud thud as the MAC round was fired. The Warlord fired a MAC round of it's own at the Vostok. The Vostok's MAC round slammed into the damaged Warlord, penetrating to it's reactors. The Warlord disappeared in a ball of fire, but it's MAC round hit the Vostok in the rear, starboard side. The rear end of the ship was sent spinning to port from the impact.
      "Lieutenant Merenda, fire the rear port thrusters," ordered Captain Paveroz. "Aye, sir," replied Lieutenant Merenda. The ship rumbled from the ignition of the thrusters, then it slowly drifted to a halt. "Lieutenant Watiro, send a message to Admiral Stanforth that the Warlord has been destroyed." "Y-Yessir. Uh, in-incoming transmission. Priority Alpha!" answered Watiro. "Send it to my monitor," said Captain Paveroz. "Yes sir." The Captain read the new transmission.

      United Nations Space Command ALPHA PRIORITY TRANSMISSION 06289Y-94
      Encryption Code: Red
      Public Key: file/harvest/newsbg/two/
      From: Admiral Michael Stanforth, Commanding Officer, UNSC Odin/UNSC Sector Three Commander (UNSC Service Number:
      To: Captain Eric Paveroz, Commanding Officer, UNSC Vostok/ (UNSC Service Number: 92804-19863-RP)
      Subject: HARVEST
      Classification: Classified (BGX Directive)

      /start file/
      You and your ship are needed urgently at Reach for briefing. Have lost contact with Harvest.

      Admiral Stanforth
      /end file/

      "Lieutenant Baxter, dock us with Haven. As soon as repairs and resupply is finished notify me," said the Captain. "Yes sir," replied Baxter. "Until then I will be in my cabin, and I do not want to be disturbed." "Of course, sir."
      Dear God, Captain Paveroz thought, lost contact with a colony of three million?!

      Two hours later Captain Paveroz was back at the bridge, overseeing the maneuver to get clear of the Haven. "We're clear, sir," said Lieutenant Merenda. "Lieutenant Baxter, plot a course through Slipstream to Reach, enter it in the computer and prepare for cryostorage. The rest of you do, get to the cryobays. On the double!" ordered the Captain. "Yes sir!" the officers shouted simultaneously, jumping up from their seats and hurrying to the cryobays.